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Best places (in stores and online) to get good deals on woman's shoes

Updated on May 15, 2013

Women love shoes. We always need one more pair to complete our wardrobe. Shoes are important pieces that will make or break an outfit. I spend many hours looking at shoes both in stores and online. Getting a good pair of shoes is a thrill that every woman experiences in her life. However, catching the best deals on shoes is a great feeling that makes us feel less guilty. This hub is all about woman's shoes and where to look for the best deals. Hope you will enjoy it.

Nordstrom Rack – This place gets lots of shoes from none other than the upscale department store Nordstrom. Shoes at Nordstrom are mid price to very expensive. Lots of women hesitate to drop too much money on a pair of gorgeous heels. However, Nordstrom Rack has lots of good shoes that are a fraction of the price. To get the latest heels, flats, boots and other types of shoes, you should head to your favorite Nordstrom Rack in the middle of the week. I heard that they get new items on Wednesdays. This is a great store to get mid range and designer shoes at discounted prices. – Not a lot of people are familiar with, but most are somewhat familiar with At Zappos, you will get free shipping and return on all of your purchases. However, the prices are comparable to most department stores. For those that like to get the best deals on everything, is the place to go. This website is owned by the same company as So you will enjoy the same free shipping. However, you will have to take a chance on the shoes because you don't have free return or exchange options. Some shoes are on sale for up to 70% and special sales for up to 80% is available for short times during certain holidays. – This is another reputable online retailer that carries lots of designer and everyday brand shoes. Most things on overstock is discounted so you will find great deals. Another thing about this retailer is the flat $2.95 shipping on all items.

DSW – This is a super popular retailer for selling discounted shoes. Lots of stores are opening here in California. You will be able to shop for the best deals in stores. Shoes fit differently depending on brand and material. Lots of women prefer to try on heels, flats and boots before making purchases. DSW is a fun place to shop for women that love shoes. However, some shoes at the store are actually not on sale. You should utilize your smart phone to check and compare prices.

Gotham city online – This is another reputable online retailer that carries everyday brands such as Nine West to designer brands that retail for several hundred dollars. For women that love shoes, you will be thrilled to see the money that you are saving on this website. Some of the shoes are discounted up to 85%. However, you will have to pay for shipping which is about five dollars. Ninety days return policy gives you plenty of time to decide if you like the shoes or not.


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