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semi formal professional / business attire at the office, bodysuit, shirt, skirt and more (for women)

Updated on May 28, 2012

Lots of women work in the office environment nowadays. It is important to dress appropriately and fashionably at the workplace. You are what you look like because first impressions are still very important. This is a general guide of how you should dress at the office if the dress code is semi professional business. However, you should evaluate the corporate environment to decide if the company's dress code is what you think it is. By not standing out in terms of how you dress, you show that you are team player.

For shoes, you want to wear chunky heels that are not very high and comfortable for you to walk with all day long. The color should be either black or neutral. Anything bright (pink, lighter lavender and etc) should be avoided because it is not professional to wear heels that you should be on the weekends. Open toed heels should generally be avoided as well.

For the summer, you want to look professional and keep yourself cool. You can pair a button up short sleeve shirt with a pencil skirt and the chunky heels that I mentioned earlier. The shirt should be made of light material but definitely not see through. Choose a bodysuit type of shirt for a more pulled together look, your shirt will not come out from the skirt! You might want to steer clear of sleeveless shirts because those are not for the workplace.

If you think button up shirt is a little too formal for your work place, you can wear a different style shirt to up the fashion sense in the office. Here is what I meant by that, a high collar shirt that has some feminine details and yet still look a little bit dressy would be appropriate. Just remember to keep it short sleeve (not sleeveless) for professional reasons.

For the winter, there are several different options that you can try. One of the easiest and most comfortable way to dress is wearing a tank top with cardigan and a pencil skirt or pants. Keep your legs warm but wearing dark thick black tights. They can also minimize the size of your legs. Keep the colors in harmony and professional. That means everything needs to be earth toned or neutral.

When you have an important business meeting with clients or bosses, you should dress more formal other than what you would wear everyday to the office. You should wear a tube or corset top underneath a blazer. Then, pair that with a pencil skirt and some heels. For this to look professional, the blazer and skirt should be same color.

Up your style factor by wearing a shiny shirt that has a silky shine and texture. However, it is better to choose a polyester material rather than silk itself because it is not as high maintenance. Again, it is better to get a bodysuit type of shirt because it will stay tucked in all day.

Casual Fridays – Many companies have casual Fridays where you get to wear jeans. You can pair a long loose sweater with jeans and a wide belt at the waist area. You must pair heels with this look because the long sweater tend to make you look shorter than you actually are. Keep the loose sweater in a neutral earth tone color.

Always keep your jewelry to a minimal because too much makes the whole look too busy and less professional. You should wear some makeup but use only earth toned colors and keep the look simple. Remember, it is not a night out. You hair should be pulled back in a ponytail for a very polished look. If you want to put your hair down be sure to wear a hair clip to keep some hair in place for a more professional look.


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    • susan54 profile image

      susan54 6 years ago

      JIN1128, I work in a lwa office. I rock the skirts and jackets. I love you work