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Practical Handbags For Women

Updated on October 31, 2012

Women Bags For Different Occasions

Women handbags for any occasion are very important fashion accessory. Handbags always complete the fashion outfit of any woman. Ladies cannot just carry any handbag, the bag should be suitable for the specific occasion. First, the figure shape and the size of the lady should coordinate the type of bag that she carries.

Women can carry their handbags, either large bag or small handbag to fit the occasion. Whether formal occasion or casual event. Evening bags for ladies are usually small as the case may be, just to complete the party evening dress. And handbags for shopping are usually large as they are practical bags that can be used to carry items during the day, or beach bags.

The formal handbags for women are made to be decorative with different embellishment just to make the bag fashionable to fit the party outfit. The practical shopping bags are made with little or no details as they are just made to carry items for use. Many of the beach bags or shopping bags are designed with materials such as corduroy, linen, felt, canvas, plastic or any woven materials.

Women can find handbags with bead works, shopping bags, evening bags or beach bags:

Beadwork Handbags For Women

There are some women handbags that are made with beads. You can call this kind of bag, a bead bag. This type of handbags was very popular as part of a Victorian fashion. The beads are sewn on a bag with net or just sewn on a plain handbag fabric. The bead bag has inspired other fashion bag designers to use other decorative gems to design their bags such as sequins, spangles, rhinestones, and other glittering items that will be suitable to sew on or attached on bags to bring out beautiful effects.

You can sew the beads on the bags with any colored thread. Some people prefer gold thread. The beads can be of various colors or same color. all you want to achieve is the embroidery effect of the beads or any other embellished items that you use. Attaching the beads on the bag will require you to have patience, but the end result will be worthwhile.

Evening Bags For Women

The type of evening bag that can go well with any evening dress is the women velvet bag in black that is designed with beads. Women can complete the fashion attire by wearing a matching belt with the evening party dress. There are several style of women evening handbags. Women can choose from any color, ranging from black evening handbags, brown handbags, blue or royal blue bags and even pink color handbag. It depends on the color combination of the party dress that you would like to wear.

This kind of velvet evening handbag for ladies are suitable for prom party, as well as any type of formal occasion including office parties. Team the bag with any fashion shoes to complete the gorgeous party look. You can select from high heels to stiletto as well as wedges.

Practical Shopping Bag

Shopping bags are large handbags that have compartment that can be used to keep your mobile phones, purse and any small items. The shopping bags is designed so that you can use it for your daily shopping as well as your weekly shopping. You can always reuse your shopping bag as it is made with durable material to hold many shopping items without the bag tearing apart.

Beach Bag For Women

Beach bags are designed to look very attractive and suitable to use in carrying items that you will use in the beach. It is made to carry lighter beach clothing such as your swim wear, beach slippers, towels, sunglasses and other beach items. The beach bag is usually made with waterproof lining to make it durable and water resistant.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you BriMaureen for your visit. I'm using the same style of bag as I can move without securing it with my hand all the time.

    • BriMaureen profile image

      Brianna Clark 5 years ago from Murfreesboro, TN

      Thanks for this informative article! I've been enjoying cross body bags lately. I like that they are hands free, and they are the perfect size for my necessities!