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Dress Collars Free Sewing Patterns

Updated on May 8, 2015

Women's Dress Collars Free Patterns

Sewing patterns for women collars is a very important design that one need to think carefully before engaging in sewing any collar dress.

Women's collars comes in different styles, so the sewing patterns are never the same. You can decide to sew a shawl collar, a victorian collar, a shirt collar, a turtleneck collar, a mandarin or chinese collar dress depending on your fashion taste at the time.

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Mandarin Collar Dress
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Photo Credit: Stone Hill Collectibles

Complete Step By Step Video Sewing Tutorials

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Cutting The Fabric on the Pattern and Stitching to Make a Bertha Collar

  • Fold the fabric in a diagonal position, making sure that the fold is on the true bias. The straight edge of the paper pattern should be placed to the fold.
  • Cut twofold, about 2 inches wide cross-wire strips from the rest of the fabric and tack them to make about a strip of 5 yard.
  • Lay the collar flat on a flat surface. All round the lower edge, turn the narrow hem on to the right. The upper edge of the hem should be turn on to the underside, so that when the collar you can get the right side out when the collar is folded.
  • You will need to attach the ruffle or frill to the collar's edge. You will achieve this if you make at regular intervals, just tiny pleats. At the top half of the collar, tack the underneath.
  • Stitch together and fold the collar into half. Press.
  • You will need to insert two lines of running stitches at the line of the shoulder. Gather to your required need.

Bertha Collar Sewing Pattern

Bertha collar is the type of women dress collar that hung or drape round the shoulders. This style always fit many summer dresses or frock.

Materials Required

The type of material that you can use in sewing bertha collar is soft silk, lace or net. Any other soft fine cotton also fits.

Simple Paper Pattern

Get your bertha collar pattern. Follow the instructions.

This is an easy and simple pattern that you can use. The only measurements that you will require is for the round the shoulder. This is where the edge that is folded will fall.

You will also need about 16 inches for cross-over of the centre front. To get a collar that will come with a centre back fold, cut the pattern from the folded paper.

Wearing Bertha Collar

To wear it, drape or wrap the collar round your neck. Fasten with any accessory. You can as well wear the bertha collar as a shoulder shawl during evening.

Shawl Sewing Pattern
Shawl Sewing Pattern

Women's Shawls Free Sewing Patterns

If you want the collar to fit a dress, you can use the dress as a pattern. What you will need to do is to fold the dress in half and then pull one sleeve. Make sure that the wrong side is out and is inside the other.

Place the shoulder seams together, this will make a fold at the centre back and front.

If you already have a drafting paper, place the dress on it. Pin the fold of the centre back to the edge of the paper.

Tack the neckline into position. Trace round the centre front and back edge for a couple of inches using a pencil. This will mark the shoulder seam position.

Free patterns to sew shawl

Shawls free sewing pattern

Photo Credit: Pattern Review

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      could some one help me with this pattern pieces patterns for shawl collar with a wrap front button of four

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      Nice lens, thank you for the information. I'm only now starting to get into sewing.