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How To Make Women Pinafore Dress For Evening And Day Wear Free Pattern

Updated on June 16, 2014

The Making Of Beautiful Day Pinafores | Evening Pinafore Dress For Women

You can wear pinafore dresses both as a day dress or evening wear. The day pinafore dress is a floor length dress with or without flares. You can wear pinafore to any occasion.

If you are a dressmaker, you can get a sewing pattern that will direct you on how to sew an elegant and beautiful pinafore dresses. You can increase the flare on the skirt to make the dress to drape downwards as you wish.

Women can choose to wear their pinafore dress over jumpers, shirts or blouses. Make sure that your pinafores is well lined with lining fabric and that the interfacing is in place. What makes pinafore outfit very gorgeous is the top stitching decoration on the dress.

The top stitch can be on the horizontal seam on the skirt and it can also be on back centre to the front centre. The top stitch can be on any part of the dress, but make sure that they are where you know they make you look beautiful.

How To Make Day Pinafore Dress And Evening Pinafores

  • After getting your dressmaking pattern, you will have to lay the patterns on your chosen fabric and cut accordingly.
  • Make sure that you pin and tack all the seams such as seams of the shoulder, skirts and sides, including the darts.
  • Join the the skirt and the bodice together by pinning them
  • Try the tacked pinafore dress on to check what need to be adjusted
  • Start stitching all the darts on the bodice and press
  • Note that you will not have to stitch the shoulder seams for now
  • If you want to line the dress, this is the time to prepare the lining fabric, the lining is always facing the wrong side of any dress.
  • Sew the facings in the side seams

How To Make The Pinafore Dress Pocket Flaps

The pinafore flap pocket is only optional, that is you may decide to have them on the dress or not. The pocket flaps are for decorative purpose and nothing else, so there is no special sewing technique that is needed.

You will have to cut a fabric strip according to the length specified by the pattern and with right sides facing, fold it lengthwise. You will tack the edge by turning to the right side and top stitch the outside edges.

Then attach the flaps to the dress bodice, pin and tack

Preparing The Pinafore Dress Skirt

  • Join the skirt seams together
  • Leave zip opening at the centre back
  • Sew the skirt to the pinafore bodice
  • Press the seams open

Top Stitching The Pinafore Dress

It really depends on how you want the pinafore dress to look like or how the pattern you have is instructing it. Follow the instructions given and top stitch the dress, bearing in mind the type of fabric that you are stitching on, so that you can adjust your sewing machine foot to make the stitching easier.

Using Pinafores As Evening Wear

It depends on how your pinafore dress is made, you can wear it as evening dress to any night out. The pinafore evening wear should be in very soft fabric, so that it can fit your figure. Most of the time jersey fabric is used in making evening pinafores. With the evening dress, make sure that the pinafore dress has few darts, not like the day dress. To achieve that princess look, let the pinafore have more flare than the day pinafore.

Follow the normal instructions for making any pinafore dress. You should note that, many paper patterns will not specify if the pinafore to be sewn is a day or evening dress. So it is left to you to decide which look you want to achieve and therefore use the right pattern.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 2 years ago from England, UK

      That's right angel. Of course, you can make any dress without using a pattern. You can use only the measurement of the wearer and that's it. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      angel 2 years ago

      Learn about using a dress pattern with measurements in this free video clip about making a dress. Expert: Richa Baweja Bio: Richa Baweja is a Fashion How to Make a cute ruffled holiday dress without a pattern You can make this dress easily and without needing a pattern at all. This has been made using white fabric

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thanks Nell. Pinafore dress is easy to make, especially if you can lay your hands on the pattern that suits your style.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Hi bizwin, really useful hub about pinafore dresses and how to make them. I am a useless seamstress, but this was easy to understand for others who love to make clothes, voted up! cheers nell