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Fashion guide for women – types of necklines and which one is for you?

Updated on June 27, 2012

There are lots of necklines available for women to choose from. Not all types of necklines are flattering for a particular person, you really have to choose the kinds that frame your face and body appropriately. Different necklines balance different face shapes; you will look more amazing if the neckline flatters you. Read this hub today to understand more about fashion.

Crew – Crew neckline is flattering for those with a narrow face shape. Those that have heart, oval or oblong face shapes will look very good with the crew neckline. Women with wide or round faces should be careful with crew necklines because it tends to make your face look even bigger and rounder. It is also not flattering for short necks.

V neck – V shaped necklines are flattering for most women because it tends to elongate the neck and give you a slimmer look. Women with round faces should choose lots of v neck tops because it tends to give people the illusion of a longer neck and smaller face. Round faces lack depth and make you look heavier than you actually are. The v neck can help you visually offset that impression a little bit.

Deep v neck – Deep v neck is very low cut and often shows a little cleavage. This neckline is especially flattering for a round face. However, this neckline is suitable for younger women only. As we get older, it is important to hide certain body parts and look more classy with the way we dress. Showing lots of cleavage with a deep v neck is not the best idea even when you want to offset a very round face.

Boat neckline – The boat neckline is great for narrow or slopping shoulders because it visually makes the shoulders look broader. Those with broad shoulders should not attempt the boat neckline because it makes you look even wider. In terms of face shapes, boat neckline flatters oval, oblong and heart shapes. Women that have round, wide faces with short neck should not attempt the boat neckline.

off one shoulder – Some clothes can be wore as off one shoulder. Most tees that have a wide neckline can often be pulled to the side to make it a one shoulder top. These tops are very flattering for a woman with a longer neck. Those with very short necks should stick with v neck for the best results.

Square neckline – The square neckline is perfect for lots of girls except those with a strong square jawline. Anyone else should have at least one top that is a square neckline. Those that have a square jawline must avoid this neckline because it mirrors your own face shape. It will only emphasize your square shape. As a rule of thumb, the necklines you choose should not reflect your own face shape. For women with round faces, this neckline is very flattering on you.

Turtleneck – Lots of sweaters and tops come in turtlenecks. It is very warm to wear turtlenecks in the winter. This neckline is especially flattering for those that have narrow faces. Furthermore, those with oblong, oval and heart shaped faces should have turtlenecks for winter because it is very flattering for you. Women with round and wide faces should avoid turtlenecks because it makes your face look even bigger.

Ruffle neckline – The necklines that have ruffles are very flattering for women with smaller chest. Those with a small bust tend to look good with ruffles or other decorations because they give the illusion of volume. Those with a fuller bust should not attempt ruffles because it tends to look too over the top. Ruffle necklines tend to look very feminine and pretty.


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      fellani felix 15 months ago

      good anyway

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