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Classic Camisoles | The Solution To Beige

Updated on October 16, 2009

As part of my longstanding campaign for men who wear lingerie and against beige lingerie, this article will deal with the role and function of the camisole. Camisoles are items of lingerie which cover the shoulders and the torso. They are traditionally sleeveless. They feel lovely against the skin, due to the fact that they are most commonly made of nylon or silk and they look incredibly feminine as well.

Many camisoles come with copious amounts of lace trim, others are significantly simpler. Most all camisoles however, are capable of hiding the horrific knowledge that the wearer has a bra on. I aim this comment at women who labor under the sad impression that a beige bra is required if one wants to wear a white shirt.

First of all, if you happen to move at all during the course of the day, the outlines of your bra will still be very much visible. The men who work with you will then no longer labor under the cunning illusion that your bosom is magically perky all the time. (If what I'm saying here makes no sense, it is a riposte to the claim that women wear beige bras so that men can't see their bras underneath their white shirts. Because, apparently, if men could see bra lines, they would become uncontrollably full of carnal urges and throw themselves upon their female co-workers. A similar argument keeps Middle Eastern women in burkas. For fashion liberation of women and men everywhere, let us abandon the beige bra with the burka.)

Camisoles not only cover your bra, but also allow an extra layer of slipping beneath your shirt. This is significantly more modest than brazenly going about with merely a shirt and a bra on. If you want to dress things up a bit, you can wear a camisole with a nice thick lace band across the top of it. These camisoles are designed to peek through your shirt and treat the viewer to a touch of lace. It's a nice, feminine way of saying 'oh yes, I have a body underneath my clothes' without being accused of being a brazen hussy.

If you happen to be a man giving the world a lace camisole peek, then you may very well be deemed a brazen hussy anyway because, as everyone knows, lace picks up a power bonus when it is worn by someone with a Y chromosome and becomes an object of note rather than simply another fine fabric out and about in the world.


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    • profile image

      jackieanncd 8 years ago

      i find camisoles to have all the feminine qualities yo mention, plus wearing one without a bra has been my favorite way of being my feminine self while not advertising that i am en femme. they fit nicely under a mens sleeveless t-shirt so that the strap does not give you away, and with a heavy shirt and tie to distract the eyes, i can be jackieann all day . Panties are wonderful but hidden under pants hardly cause any anxiety. trying to wear a bra or other feminine wear poses a challenge and rewards the wearer like being successful in any challenge.

      the only downside is coworking start looking at yo constantly putting your fingers inside your hirt so you cna 'feel' the silk or microfiber lol



    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      You go, Nanciboy! :D

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Oh my, what a pretty cami. Just what I need, another item of 'women's wear' to lust after. And to think I currently only have about a half dozen camis in my wardrobe.

      Yes, sometimes I do leave a button open or the zipper on a fleece top down a little lower to show just a bit of lace.

    • profile image

      RD 8 years ago

      Becoming uncontrollably full of carnal urges and throwing oneself upon females sounds like it might be fun. At least until the police arrive. No, seriously, I do love camisoles but not for their bra hiding abilities. I have never been one that liked wearing a t-shirt as an undergarment. However, a camisole puts a sensual lining between the body and outerwear while adding an extra layer of clothing on a chilly morning. What more could one ask for? Ok, some sexy lace to perks things up a bit! It's all good.

    • profile image

      phil 8 years ago

      personaly i love camisoles that have ribbon straps like the top of a vintage slip.