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Womens Life & Fashion Hacks

Updated on April 26, 2016

Fashion Hacks for Women on the Go

The modern woman is expected to tackle it all while looking polished and professional. Maintaining your composure and appearance while handling your business like a boss doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Follow these helpful hacks to keep your look flawless and your daily routine stress free.

1. Choose a Dress for Success.

If your schedule is packed between your normal work day and after hours functions, choose a dress that allows you to transition easily from a professional look for the office to an effortlessly elegant style for the evening. You can save time wasted by packing and changing into an extra evening outfit by selecting an easy, yet classy wrap dress for the day. Wrap dresses are perfectly acceptable for professional office settings and can also help express a more personal style if you have a special evening event to attend. There are plenty of wrap dress options available online in various styles.

2. Be Miss Independent.

Eliminate the need to get help with a zipper for the back of your dress. If you want to rock a dress with a zipper up the back that you can't quite reach to close, just use this tip, and you'll be able to do it yourself without a hitch. Before you start to put on the dress, tie a long ribbon or string around the zipper tight enough that it won't slip off while you zip the dress but loose enough that you can remove it once the dress is zipped up. You should be able to get the zipper all the way up by simply pulling on the string. And, if you want to save time by not having to make the contraption yourself, check out the zipper pulls available online.

3. Fix Makeup Mishaps.

If you happen to smudge your makeup on your shirt while getting dressed in the morning and you don't have time to switch outfits, try this handy tip for removing foundation stains from your shirt. Add a small dab of shaving cream to the area to remove the color of the stain from any non-oil based foundation. You can always add a drop of clear alcohol to a stubborn stain spot that won't seem to budge with shaving cream alone. In case your makeup mishap happens once you've left the house for the day, be sure to carry a handy Tide pen in your purse for those on-the-run fashion emergencies. Snag a Tide pen available here.

4. A Little Vaseline Solves Everything.

Don't leave home without a small container of Vaseline in your purse. A little dab can help un-stick stubborn zippers, smooth out a scratch in your leather shoes or even remove small stains.

5. Fix Your Hem in a Jiff.

If you run out of time to get a pair of pants hemmed, or if the hem comes undone, use a little dab of hot glue to repair the hem in no time. Glue guns are cheap and can be found easily online.

Five Reasons Being A Modern Woman Is Great

Saying that things have changed for the modern woman would be a huge understatement. There have been changes to the types of available jobs women can have, what wages can be earned, what sports they can participate in, and a million other progressive changes.

1.Better Fashion
If you’ve seen any of the recent time-lapsed videos covering female fashions over the past 100 years, then you know how grateful you should be that there have also been amazing changes to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Aside from fashion changes, the modern woman has also become independent. From popular girl groups to neck-rolling activists, female empowerment has been in our faces for a while now. Being independent has a multitude of advantages; one very important advantage is being in control. Ladies were once told how to dress, how many babies to have, where to work, and even how to speak and what to say. Independence has its advantages.

3.No More Cinching
Although females have expressed their independence in many odd ways, their recent choice to zip themselves into waist cinchers, is actually a blast from their restrictive pasts. The dresses women wear today don’t require it, like they once did. Bodices, corsets and other torture undergarments were done away with in the early 1900’s. Medical experts of the time warned of the dangers of binding bodies into their clothes. Soon enough, changes were made and waist cinchers were replaced with more comfortable pieces that allowed greater freedom to move about.

4. Doing It Better Than Him
Perhaps being able to move about more freely gave ladies the opportunity to test their skills at taking care of simple tasks. When they were left at home during the war, they discovered they were very much capable of handling the tasks traditionally assigned to men. That realization has evolved into a world of do it yourself women that congregate in the world of Pinterest to share ideas and projects from the simple to the extremely complex. Modern do it yourself homemakers are replacing cabinetry, changing oil filters on their cars and dressing up their daughter’s old dilapidated bedroom dressers. Today’s woman can literally do it all…herself.

5. Playing Dress Up
And just what are the mothers putting inside those refurbished dressers? All things sugar and spice and everything nice. Every woman who hopes of having a daughter dreams of frilly dresses and cute matching shoes and barrettes. At least, that used to be the thought. Today’s woman and mother often dresses her son and daughter similarly. Both boys and girls wear leggings and zip up skinny jeans. Moccasins and shearling boots also go both ways. Those girls will grow into an even more evolved type of modern woman.

Take a look at the list above. Pick one and revel in it. Today is the greatest time in history to be a woman.

The Five Best Purchases For Women

Let's be honest, us girls love our creature comforts (and helpful fashion hacks). Whether you're in the mood to treat yourself or if you have a special lady on your gift list this month, these items are sure to be a hit. The best part about these awesome finds -- the prices are so affordable, that you will probably be tempted to pick up more than just one. Happy shopping, ladies (and gents who are bound to impress the lucky girls in their life)!

1. Lumo Lift Posture Coach From $79.99

With the Lumo Lift Posture Coach, your mother won't have any reason to nag you to sit up straight -- you can do it yourself! This awesome, discrete device uses a magnet to attach to your clothes and tracks your posture and activity throughout the day. With a gentle buzz, the Lumo Lift reminds you to pull back those shoulder and stop hunching at your computer screen as you get absorbed in work during the day. You can also set the device to buzz when you have been sitting or inactive for too long. This magnetic tracker could be your new best friend for kicking your metabolism in gear and that awful habit of hunching forward.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones From $149.99

Enjoy the freedom of pounding away for miles on the treadmill without messing with your pesky headphones cord. These wireless Bluetooth headphones make exercise hassle free and connect with your smartphone or mp3 player. You can charge them as needed and keep your exercise routine independent of annoying hang ups.

3. I-ZIP Zipper Pull From $17.99

No more struggle to zip those cute yet frustrating full zipper dresses in your closet. Women, rejoice! You can now do it yourself with this ingenious zipper pull contraption. It's no secret women love fashion hacks, and this full zip device lets us girls enjoy being independent and dress ourselves. So pick one up, and never miss out on wearing your favorite dresses again!

4. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner From $66.00

Give your jewels a refresh and keep your accessories looking fresh. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will sanitize and brighten your jewelry without you having to break a sweat. Save yourself time and effort with this affordable helper.

5. Mobile Bluetooth Printer From $229.99

This is an awesome solution for professional women who might have to print on the go. This handy gadget connects to your smart device and allows you to print pictures or documents right from your phone. It's compact and light enough to fit in your purse, which makes traveling convenient. Never sweat having to print outside of the home or office again and enjoy the peace of mind of being ready for whatever work or personal issues that pop up throughout the day. Besides coming in handy for work, these printers are perfect for printing those hundreds of pictures you accumulate on your phone and just never seem to get around to printing off.

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