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wristband tattoo

Updated on March 26, 2008

Top Wristband Tattoo Designs

Wrist band tattoos are hot and a great way adorn your body and show off your tattoo ink. If you are contemplating getting a wristband tattoo you might be stuck for a good idea right? A lot of people want to get a tattoo but get stuck when it comes to the idea and design stage of the tattoo. For example they might know they want a wristband tattoo but not sure of the exact design or style they want to get the tattoo done in. If that is the case then you will want to read on for information on popular designs.

Wristband Tattoo Designs

More On Wristband Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Popular Wristband Tattoo Designs

Wristband tattoos by design are typically feature a lot of line work that wrap all the way around the wrist. These designs are most typically done with a lot of line work and sometimes might feature an actual image or two but most often are more abstract in their design and typically include a lot of long flowing lines that wrap around the wrist and weave together in some way.

Tribal Wristband Designs

Of course one of the most popular tattoo designs is the tribal tattoo. These make wonderful band type of tattoos and there was an explosion a few years ago of tribal armband tattoos. Tribal designs seem to be made for and perfect for any kind of band that wraps around an area including a wristband, armband or leg band. Whatever the choice of location tribal tattoos work wonderfully well as a band. Tribal wristbands look great and can include just a design or even a name or tribal image like a heart or a cross in the design.

Floral Wristband Tattoos

Of course a floral design works perfectly well for a wristband tattoo also. Again you floral tattoo designs often have the flower part but the stems of the flowers easily wrap around the wrist and interwewave with each other making a beautiful design. This is great for women as they can choose their favorite flower or a flower that is symbolically important to them for some reason. I tmight be the flower of your birth month of one that is religiously important. Either way you can not go wrong with a wonderful flower wristband tattoo.

Celtic Wristband Tattoos

Just like the other two design ideas above Celtic knotwork tattoos seem to almost be made for wristbands. The interweaving of the knots back and forth tend to make for a long rectangular pattern that fits ideally around a wrist.

Something Different There are those that want to go with something more then just a design and want an image of some sort. This can be difficult with a wrist tattoo as there is not a lot of space. However, if you chose your design carefully it can look wonderful in the end. One popular theme especially for surfers and all who love the ocean is to get two or three dolphins. Other images can be dragons that wrap around, kanji characters a cross or small heart design can all also work well for a wristband tattoo design.

Wristband Tattoo Gallery


Wristband Tattoo Video


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