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All Natural Skin Care Products "Opportunity"

Updated on March 7, 2011

Silent Salesman

Wooden Display Racks
Wooden Display Racks

Opportunity in All Natural Skin Care Products

If you are looking for a unique and profitable business opportunity, we invite you to consider becoming a Bliss All Natural Skin Care Product Distributor.

This program offers you the flexibility to work your own hours, earn a very lucrative income and build your business to the level & income you want.

What We Offer:
Beautifully designed wooden display racks. (Silent Salesman)
Products to fill racks initially and enough to replenish as needed
Marketing material
Product training
FREE website link featuring your business
Professional Bliss Aromatics email address

What You Gain:
Independence and flexibility
Unlimited income potential
Work for yourself and be your own boss
Secure territory
National and international marketing campaigns
Ability to grow your territory as needed

The Bliss Aromatics Rack Distributor Program is offered to entrepreneurial individuals looking for a business opportunity that has the potential to far exceed their personal business goals. We will break this opportunity down by category to help you better understand how this works and what the benefits are for you.

How do I get started?
You first fill out the distributor application form on our website: and we will work with you to determine what size geographical area you are looking for as a territory. Once that is determined, a product inventory list will be emailed to you that offers you enough product, marketing material and as many wooden display racks needed to get you started on a fast track.

What is the initial start up cost?
This of course depends on the size of the territory you want to cover and what you will require in products & racks. Distributors can start with a minimal investment to maintain a small business, up to larger distributors looking at much greater geographical areas. There are no costs, at this time, for a distributorship. The only expenses involved are the cost of the racks and the wholesale cost of your products. Everything else you need to get started is included in your distributor package.

How do I get my products?
Once your application is processed, you are set up in our system. In-house financing is available to qualified clients if you want to look at that option to help get you started but no matter what your financial situation currently may be, we have a program that can work for you.
Our specialists will help you determine what your initial needs are for products and racks. You then receive your racks and products delivered to your office or home via courier. When you need additional products to replenish your customers locations, you simply email/fax us a product invoice and they are shipped out from our warehouse within 3 to 5 business days. Ordering additional racks may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to have manufactured depending on inventory levels.

How do I get paid?
This is the great part. You purchase all of your inventory at wholesale prices from us and when you replenish your product racks, the retailer pays you directly for all of the products sold at their location, off of the racks. Your retail client (store owner) pays you their cost that you charge them for putting the display racks in their location, on consignment and keeps the difference from their retail price. The balance goes directly to you. There is no waiting for paychecks or bank transfers. You simply use a portion of your profit to reorder products to replenish your racks as needed and the rest of the profit goes directly into your pocket. You are in total control of your business.

Bliss does NOT dictate the wholesale price you charge your clients for the products, what their retail mark up will be or what percentage of the retail sale price is their percentage. That is totally up to the distributor' s own discretion. although we do have suggested retail prices for the products and your clients commission can be anywhere between 10% & 33% which is standard but nothing is written in stone. This opens up the opportunity to negotiate with location owners who have a large amount of customer traffic equating into greater potential profit for product sales .

Where do I place my display racks?
They can be placed in ANY location. You build a relationship with the business owner/manager, agree to have your racks placed in their location and arrange for visits to replenish products and receive payments for the inventory sold.

Do I work for Bliss as an employee?
No, you are an Independent Distributor set up in our system as a wholesale customer. The profits you earn are yours to keep and you claim it as a small business income with all the tax benefits allowed in your designated territory's location .(We suggest talking to an accountant for taxation information in your area)

How do I get training on the products?
We train you on our product lines so you can feel very confident promoting them. Each product comes with specification sheets along with proper application use and storage instructions printed right on each label for the end user.

How do I build my business?
Our marketing staff offers over 20+ years of direct marketing experience and we use that knowledge to train and assist you in building your business. Our extensive on-going training program will allow you the confidence you need to excel.

How long does it take to get started?
Once we receive your distributor application, we set up a mutually agreed time to discuss your business. Once we sort out the details, you can be off and running within 7 to 14 business days.

What if I want to take a vacation?
You will learn your clients needs and product replenishment's very quickly. You will also know what inventory requirements each retailer needs and you will be able to provide them with adequate inventory to hold them over until you return, which means you are still making money while you are on vacation, sick or just taking a break for personal reasons. It' all in your control.

How can I get started?
Simply fill out the online distributor application on our website: and we will contact you to discuss your needs within 48 business hours.

What payment options do you offer?
We offer a convenient "in house" financing plan to our distributors on approved credit. Distributors can also pay for products by Interac money transfer payments, credit /debit cards, checks (business or personal) and money orders.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask


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