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Yin Yang Necklaces for Couples and Friends

Updated on August 30, 2013

Ancient Symbols in Contemporary Jewelry, Designed for the Two of You to Share

You've got your his-and-her towels, matching shirts and robes, and even couples' cell phone cases, so why not add a complementary set of something spiritually symbolic to your collection of things that go together like ebony and ivory with yin-yang necklaces for the both of you, whether you're significant others or BFFs.

Browse through below and check out some beautiful necklaces in all sorts of styles, materials and prices, all designed for two people who balance and complement one another.

These pieces remind us and anyone who sees them that love is one of the truest virtues there is, whether it's between a committed couple or two very dear friends.

I hope you'll enjoy looking through these hand-picked selections and find something special for you and your someone special -- or as a lovely gift for two people you care for and who deeply care for each other.

Image from Zazzle

The Many Meanings of the Yin and the Yang - With the Yin (the black) first and then the Yang

Among the many connotations of the two sides of this symbol are....

  1. Shade and Sunlight
  2. Dark and Light
  3. Earth and Sky
  4. Female and Male
  5. Matter and Spirit
  6. Water and Fire
  7. Winter and Summer
  8. Passive and Active
  9. Tiger and Dragon
  10. Down and Up
  11. North and South
  12. Moon and Sun Receptive Creative
  13. Valleys and Mountains
  14. Cold and Heat

    What other meanings do you know of or apply to this symbol?

Lovers' or Couples' Pendant Set - Each piece containing the essence of the other...

R.H. Jewelry Mens Womens Lovers Couple Stainless Steel Yin Yang Two Piece Pendant Necklace Set
R.H. Jewelry Mens Womens Lovers Couple Stainless Steel Yin Yang Two Piece Pendant Necklace Set

.These "married" yin and yang pendants are crafted of high quality stainless steel and vitreous -- or porcelain -- enamel.

They come with a 20-inch and 24-inch chain. Wear the part of the symbol you prefer or switch back and forth.


Positive Energies Dog Tags

Love Couple Cosmic Balance Yin Yang Dog Tags Simulated Onyx White Simulated Cats Eye Pendant Necklaces
Love Couple Cosmic Balance Yin Yang Dog Tags Simulated Onyx White Simulated Cats Eye Pendant Necklaces

.This is a stunning pair of pendants for a couple to share -- the

design is meant to represent dog-tags.

The Yin Yang symbol represents balance and harmony and these amulets

will attract positive energy from the universe to whoever wears them.

They are made of black onyx and and white cats eye.

Yin Yang Moon Sun Print
Yin Yang Moon Sun Print

Did you find a piece of jewelry here today that you absolutely love?

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