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Woman's fashion – popular brands for young girl / women's wardrobe

Updated on August 30, 2011

Forever 21 – affordable fashion that mainly appeal to young women. Lots of colors, styles and fabric to choose from in the Forever 21's store. It is a forefront for the fast fashion clothing industry. When there is a sale going on, stuff can be as cheap as a few bucks. Accessories are also available in its stores. Great place to get basics, tops, pants and skirts when on a budget. Very trendy with younger girls.

H & M – the newcomer to the USA, leader of fast fashion in other parts of the world. I personally find their products better than Forever 21. But again, this brand is mainly for young women. Affordable fast fashion that offers lots of different types of products.

Aeropostale – strickly a pre-teen or teenage brand. Should not shop there if you are over 18. However, they do have very good prices that are very affordable.

Juicy Couture – Their stuff cost anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars. It is very girly, expensive and not classy. Anyone over the age of 30 should not be wearing track suits from Juicy Couture. I personally only find their handbags and wallets somewhat cute. But again, not a brand for someone over the age of 30 in my opinion. Way overpriced as well; but lots of young women love this brand.

Louis Vuitton – This is high end designer handbag brand that almost every girl loves. Their stuff is extremely well made but at a very high cost. A basic speedy will be over $700 and that is their cheapest handbag. I personally don't like the monogram print even though that is their own recognizable and classic design. Instead, I love the Damier print a lot. Many girls are not rich so it is wise to choose the handbag that you like most and will carry for a long time.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister – Their sizes run very small and their stuff look very high school girlish in my opinion. What surprises me is some 40 year olds wearing it. It looks terrible and please give it to your daughter instead. It is not age appropriate clothing for a 40 year old mom, you should shop at Anny Taylor instead. Overpriced clothing that I don't really like because I don't want to wear a hoodie that says Abercrombie on it for $60.

Amercian Eagle – Their style is similar to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister but their sizes are normal. Sometimes, they have some clothing that are very appealing to me. But I think their price point is lower than Abercrombie but higher than Hollister. Also, the cutest styles often run out before making it to the on sale racks. Their jewelry is extremely cute (select styles of course).

Express – A lot of sexy mature girls love this brand. I personally don't like them and haven't shop at this store enough to give it a very good review.

Guess – I love this store even though their clothing is on the pricier side. The style is very appropriate for my age, 26. I think it is appropriate for women up until their late 30's. You can find a lot of styles on sale so that will save you lots of money right there. I don't buy anything at the regular price and will always go for bargain hunting more than anything.

Guess by Marciano – Their clothing is very sexy, mature and cute all at the same time in my opinion. However, stuff is very expensive even more so than Guess. I often find their clothing very appealing but have not gotten anything from them as of now because it is so expensive.

GoJane – This is an online retailer of affordable women's fashion and accessories. This is also a fast fashion brand that has lots of great styles to choose from with the turnover of new stuff being very fast. Their prices are very reasonable; you will have to pay for shipping as with any online store. But you can get free shipping for an order over 50 dollars. I don't know if this offer is valid all the time or for a limited time only. I have never bought anything from their website but I might in the future. Overall: somewhat recommended.

Coach – This is the American luxury brand that is all made in China. Their handbags are very reasonably priced and very well made. If you shop at the Coach outlet mall, you will save a lot more money. Their shoes are also very well made and I just love this brand. However, certain designs are not great like the ones that have shinny glitters all over it. Overall, I like this brand a lot.

Victoria's Secret – Every girl knows about this brand and mostly get their underwear from them. Lots of very sexy styles as well as regular undies. Their stuff can be expensive if not purchased on sale. A bra can cost anywhere from 25 to 50 dollars regular price. However, they have 2 big sales each year and I get a lot of their stuff on sale online. I think that online has a huge collection and the stores would only have limited selections and sizes. Maybe I am going to the wrong store!


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