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Zebra Nail Art Designs

Updated on October 20, 2015

Zebra Nails

Animal nail designs and art are extremely popular, and among the most interesting and desirable are zebra nail art, which is stunningly attractive and beautiful, providing a wide variety of color and design.

Zebra nail art doesn't have to be expressed solely in the natural colors of the animal itself - black and white, but can include a wide array of color and designs, with all still maintaining the recognizability of the zebra look.

I think what is attractive about the zebra motif itself is its similarity to a horse, but without being able to truly domesticate it, making it much more independent, with a little bit of a wild streak always remaining in it. Something ladies like to portray concerning themselves.

That and the fantastic look of a zebra, with those beautiful black and white stripes on it.

Zebra Nail Designs

What is fantastic about the use of the zebra as an inspiration for nails is the way the stripes of the zebra change in the sense of being vertical or horizontal at different parts of the body, and how the stripes can slightly change from zebra to zebra.

Those attributes are embraced by those choosing a zebra design for their nails, even though most are unlikely to know that there is a connection between the two.

Zebra nail art can get very creative, including expanding beyond the traditional black and white colors to include a wide range of colors, although always retaining the stripes.

The stripes can even be changed slightly for effect, while still being able to be understood as being inspired by the zebra.

Some ladies decide to go with two different colors on their nails, sometimes being separated by the color line, but at other times having a different color in the middle of the nail while having another color on the sides.

All of them look fantastic. We'll now take a look a several different zebra nail colors and styles.

Zebra Nails with Yellow Base

In this first photo of zebra nail art we have a gorgeous yellow base with the traditional black and white stripes of the zebra overlaying it in the middle of the nail.

This is an unusual pattern, as usually when using a couple colors like this, it is with each design or color on one side of the nail, rather than separated by a design element in the middle of the nail. Nice look.

Yellow, Black and White Zebra Nails

Yellow Zebra Nails
Yellow Zebra Nails

Traditional Zebra Nail Art

Below we have more of a traditional zebra nail art look, with the top one having the type of design resembling a real zebra, although with more of a silver color in place of the white.

On the bottom zebra nail design there is more of a tribal design, although there is no mistaking what it is that is attempted to be portrayed here.

The silver glitter is nice on the top set of nails, but the silver color takes a little away from the white/black distinction you see so clearly in the bottom set of nails. Both are nice, depending probably on what you choose to wear with the nails.

Silver and Black Zebra Nails


Zebra Nail Art Video Tutorials

In the zebra nail art video tutorials below, we have several different looks to add to your zebra nail design repertoire.

They of course will show you how to achieve the revealed and desired looks, and give you some ideas on how to create and design your own zebra nails.

How to: Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

Tutorial: Zebra Nail Art with Hot Pink Tips

Black Zebra Stripes with Pink Base

Here we have an excellent example of going outside the parameters of realistic zebra colors into more of fantasy nail colors, this time in gorgeous pink with black stripes.

The major reasoning behind changing zebra colors is in order to complement your outfit and/or to work together with other accessories you're incorporating into your look for the night.

In the second nail design below, there is an awesome color combination with contrasting colors and designs.

The pink is very close in look to the first photo, but the resemblance ends there, as the decision to add a totally different traditional black and white zebra design on the other half of the nail was made, and it was a good one in my opinion.

What is very cool is the choice to go with not only different colors, but completely different designs. Also a nice touch was putting that white line with black dots in the middle to act as a subtle barrier between the two.

Pink, Black and White Zebra Nails

Pink and Black Zebra Nails
Pink and Black Zebra Nails | Source
Pink, Black and White Zebra Nails
Pink, Black and White Zebra Nails

Blue and Black Zebra Nails

It's always interesting to see nail art on the top half of the nail, leaving the bottom half with the color of the base.

I'm somewhat neutral on this, as full colored nails is more appealing to me, but this does give the tips a unique look. The blue hue chosen here is beautiful, and stands out nicel with the black zebra stripes.

Did you notice the 3-D circles on the nail next to the pinkie finger?

White, Blue and Black Zebra Nails

Black and Blue Zebra Nails
Black and Blue Zebra Nails

Zebra Nail Art Designs

As you can see from these wonderful zebra nail designs, they are truly a fantastic choice for those wanting a embracing their more wild side; or at least giving off a little bit of an aura of that feeling and look.

You also don't need to worry about outfit or accessory clashes with your existing wardrobe, as you can easily adjust the zebra nail color and design to fit the look and occasion.

Zebra nails, because of all their beauty, strengths and what they represent, are a great option for those seeking to make a statement while looking beautiful.


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