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Zumba Pants

Updated on August 7, 2013

Fun To Wear Exercise Gear

Zumba is a huge dance craze that has been popularized internationally. If you don't know what Zumba is, you have to try it for yourself!

It's a great workout that uses latin beats and rhythms to get you moving and dancing. You should wear comfortable clothes when you do Zumba, as it is still a sweaty workout!

The Zumba Fitness line has a great line of apparel that is perfect for wearing when dancing Zumba. The line includes Zumba Pants, Zumba Tops, Zumba Shirts and more! Wearing the right gear when you dance can make your workouts even better!

Sizzling Zumba Pants are not only easy to move in but they are fun to wear!

The most popular types are the long cargo pants, legging, cargo capris or the long yoga pants. These come in an array of styles that are perfect for movement!

For the best look for pants that fit your body but allow you to move freely. Don't wear pants that restrict your swinging hips or are always riding up your legs.

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Hot Fitness Wear

The latest dance craze features tons of cute clothes you can wear to get your goove on. From tops like tees to jangle skirts looking sexy while you get healthy is in! In this article we feature pants for this fun way to exercise.

There are many different styles of bottoms that Zumba makes and that work great for the classes or if you work out to DVDs.

They make regular stretch pants that are great for movement. They also make "harem style" which are cinched at the waist and ankle but balloon out along the rest of the leg. They are a relaxed, casual look. Very stylish and fun.

Zumba also makes great sweats and leggings, which are very comfortable and easy to salsa in.

Another popular style is the capri. They works great because it stops right below your knee or just above the ankle, it makes it very easy for you to dance and move without being hindered by the length.

These easy on capris are made for movement. They have a drawstring top so you know they will fit for a long time even if you lose some weight joining the dance party. The bottom of the capris are elastic so they are snug to your leg to allow for you to get your groove on without your pants slipping.

Just a tip when buying these awesome clothes: Look at the size chart on the order page before buying regular size, many reviewers loved their new capris but wished they got a size smaller.

Zumba Women's Wonder Cargo Capri Pants, Dazzling Blue, X-Large
Zumba Women's Wonder Cargo Capri Pants, Dazzling Blue, X-Large

A comfy styling pair of paints perfect for the Zumba Dance Workout. Pair with a Zumba top and some cute sneakers for a cool workout look.


Get the Right Fit

You want to be sure you are comfortable when you exercise. Fortunately Zumba gear tends to be very stretchy, have drawstrings etc. for a great fit.

However, be sure to look at your body from each angle when you try on fitness wear. Bend down, squat and do other activities to be sure you are getting the best possible fit.

Cool Fitness Moves

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Zumba Exercise Burns Up to 500 - 1000 Calories Per Hour!

Groove and Move Your Way Fit

There are many ways to enjoy dancing to Zumba. Since it is derived from latin music and dance moves, you will learn merengue, salsa, and even reggaeton basics.

And you don't have to go to a class. There are awesome DVDs you can work out to in the comfort of your own home.

This is a great way to increase your energy, improve your health and so much more!

You will love how your body looks and feels!

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