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Affordable Gaming Headsets: Turtle Beach Ear Force Foxtrot PX21 Headset Review.

Updated on October 20, 2012

For those of us who are looking to compete with the professional video gamers out there, having the best gaming headset available to you, is crucial to performing your best at slicing up multiple zombies at once. However, the most common issue with finding the best gaming headset for your needs, is that your budget may affect just how much you are able to invest into your gaming experience.

So, which headset would not only be a brilliant piece of equipment to maximise your potential in-game, but also which gaming headset would be best for any budget?

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Foxtrot PX21 Headset

The Earforce Foxtrot PX21 headset is one of the limited edition gaming headsets with a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 licence. This line of gaming headsets were launched just prior to the release of Modern Warfare 3, and were advertised as being the perfect edition to your Modern Warfare 3 gaming experience.

Well they certainly kept their promise in terms of quality. Not only are they undeniably professionally sounding headsets, but they're also built in such a way that you know that they are strong and not likely to become damaged under typical use.

In regards to the effectiveness of the microphone included with the headset, voices come through extremely clear and crisp. Despite this clarity, in some respect they may be considered too sensitive to background noise, as they will pick up even the faintest of sounds coming from other sources than your mouth. For some this may be a potential issue for the product and their usage, but for the majority of users this doesn't particularly cause any disruption to the game or their performance.

Features and Design of the PX21 Headset

Overall the headset has some great features and design aspects. Such additions to the product as a Bass adjuster, Game volume adjuster, Chat boost and adjuster really do just highlight this headset's good points. In terms of the visual design of the headset, there is a Modern Warfare 3 logo placed on the 'adjuster' panel, as well as a cool emblem located on the right earpiece.

The microphone can bend in any direction you please, and picks up extremely high quality sounds from a good range of distances. As a plus, you can also use the microphone switch to stop transmitting your voice to the other players, and you can turn the microphone upwards to reduce the amount of audio the other players can hear. (You can also check what the other players in your gaming lobbies can hear, as the microphone automatically transmits your speech back to you, so that you can check the quality of your voice.)

A final noticeable design feature with this headset is the amazing comfort that the earpieces give to your ears, which will ensure that you can use this headset for multiple hours at a time without your ears feeling any discomfort or pain.

Value For Money?

This incredible headset comes at a very modest price of around $80, which for this quality of headset, is fitting to anyone's budget for purchasing a new gaming headset. With the amount of added features and a sound which defines clarity, you cannot go wrong with this headset. The only fault you may find with this headset is that it is wired, and whilst this isn't limiting of how far you can sit away from your TV, the length of the wire can be quite a nuisance when using it with your laptop/desktop.

It is definitely worth mentioning, that this headset is compatible with all devices including macs, Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs. Therefore, for whatever device you may be using to play your games (excluding portable devices such as tablets and other handhelds), this can be the perfect piece of equipment for your gaming experience.

Where To Buy?

The most reliable place to purchase this headset (also for the best price), has to be from Amazon as they are currently offering this headset for just short of $80. Amazon also offers a reasonable delivery time of around 3-5 business days, which is a better standard than the majority of retailer websites which sell similar products to this.

So for the best price, delivery time, reliability and customer service be sure to purchase this headset via the link provided to the right.

5 stars for The Earfoce Foxtrot Limited Edition Gaming Headset

Earforce Foxtrot Headset Unboxing Video

Thanks to GamingReel for this unboxing video of the EarForce Foxtrot.


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      The Best Gaming Headset 5 years ago

      The Foxtrot would make any COD fan a happy little gamer. It's always good when a gaming headset can be used on all platforms. That's a big selling point for me. For of the best gaming headsets: