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Tangled Phone Charger Nightmare?

Updated on August 2, 2011

How many battery chargers does the average household now have?

Modern life seems to bring fresh challenges and a whole set of new problems. One such problem is being taken over by increasing numbers of battery chargers used to power-up want is now to be considered as life essentials such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops and electric toothbrushes.

Have you noticed recently that your house or apartment is being taken over? No, it's not those long lost relations, tiny dust mites or any other type of multi-legged creepy crawly. Our modern technology enriched life style has given birth to a new plague around the house. Until recent times, the humble battery charger had a solitary life in the garage. It only ever saw the light of day to breath life back into a flat car battery. This usually failed on a frosty Monday morning making us late for work.

A House Full of Battery Chargers?

Now, most peoples houses are full of battery chargers. Chargers for mobiles, laptops, kids toys, tooth brushes, cameras, shavers. In fact, the list is endless. You name it, and there is probably a charger to go with it. Nearly every new labour saving electrical device you now purchase has, yes you have guessed it, yet another battery charger to add to your growing collection. And of course, no two battery chargers are the same. Each device has its own individual charger, with no thought what so ever of standardisation.

Most people are blissful unaware of the problem in their house until one morning when they urgently want to re-charge their phone for example. For some strange reason, most seem to keep all their chargers in a kitchen drawer. My family is no different. When I pulled open the drawer, much to my horror, all I could see was a mass of wires and several charger adaptor bodies in a huge tangled mess. I tried in vain to pull the one I wanted out, but I only made the tangle even worse. In the end, I had to lift all the battery chargers out of the drawer and spent several minutes separating them.

All this effort just to get the one I wanted. I rolled up all the others, and neatly placed them back in the drawer. Less than a week later, my camera battery was asking to be re-charged again, and I returned to the kitchen drawer. Not only was all the battery chargers tangled up again, there was even more in there. Where they breeding like rabbits in there?

After sorting them all out again on the kitchen table, I counted them all and discovered that we had ten battery chargers in the kitchen drawer. Did we need them all? And the other question was - what did they fit? Apart from the one I was looking for, a quick investigation revealed that five were mobile phone chargers. Three were currently in use and two redundant ones for old phones.

Standardised Battery Chargers

It’s probably a daft idea, but why cannot we standardised battery chargers and fittings. Then we wouldn't have to keep buy new chargers with every new camera or phone we purchase, and our kitchen drawers would be much less cluttered. The other three unidentified battery chargers in our kitchen drawer took a little longer to match up. One came from a new games console, another from a long lost radio control car. As for the third, well that's still a big mystery. But, I can't get rid of it as it could be the charger to something important.

I know it's dangerous, but this got me really thinking. How many battery chargers does the average household now have? It's a lot more than you think. I did a quick inventory of ours and discovered that there were twenty four chargers in our house. Everything seems to have a charger: electric toothbrushes, shavers, leg shavers, games consoles, dust busters, food blenders, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, laptops, Ipods, kids toys, radio controlled cars, boats and planes.

How Much Do You Charge On Your Holidays

The list grows daily. Going on holiday now is a real nightmare. Not only do you have to remember all you clothes, passports and sun cream, but now it's several battery chargers as well for the cameras, the video camera, the mobiles and all those other little luxuries you can't live without. You end up with a suitcase full of electrical leads just to survive away from home.

Surely, there must be away to come up with a single battery charger that connects everything. A standardised fitting to take the strain off my kitchen drawer and my patience. To help a little, I have got really organised and started to label our chargers to reduce the frustration on trying to work out which phone fits with which battery charger. Another thing I have noticed is everybody seems to want to charge their mobile phones up at the same time in our house. We frequently have three or four phones all on charge at once. Despite all this, they still all get tangled up into a real knotted mess in drawer afterwards.

The Ultimate Charger

Of course, I do have one favourite charger in my house. One I use daily, for my own personal use. It's a charger, which doesn't need any electricity or cables and leaves me full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead. It normal takes about eight hours or longer if I am really lucky. It's a real life long love affair with this charger, and I wouldn't be without it. If you haven't worked it out already, I am talking about my bed.


Is you life a tangled mess of battery chargers?
Is you life a tangled mess of battery chargers? | Source


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    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 6 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      How many battery chargers does the average household now have?

      Modern life seems to bring fresh challenges and a whole set of new problems. One such problem is being taken over by increasing numbers of battery chargers