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How To Find the Best Cell Phone Deals

Updated on December 14, 2013

Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones

No longer are we being trapped into pay ridiculous charges each month for our cell phone service. There are cheap prepaid cell phone plans that will allow us to surf the web, text and talk non stop for a reasonable price.

Keeping up with our family doesn't have to be so expensive if we do the proper research we can find a phone to suit our needs. But, before you switch read reviews and talk to people that have already tried the service you are interested in. With less cost come less quality sometimes.

So many people have over paid and have no credit that having a prepaid cell phone is the best thing to do. But getting a prepaid cell phone plan that doesn't measure up with your usage can be worse than the monthly cell phone bill you used to have.

  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Checks

The best cell phone deals are free to use the phone the way you like without hidden charges...

Metro PC has great deals going on all the time. I say a deal where they offered a 5 phone plan for only $100 a month for unlimited text, voice and data. A great deal if you ask me. However always check. Unlimited data could mean as long as your near a hotspot. Never forget to find out what you are getting for your money.

500 megabyte is what you usually get at a minimum. 2.5 gigabyte a medium plan and Unlimited is more expensive. Light Web browsing shouldn't take up more than 100MB per month. If you download a single app, game or song every day, you’re likely to reach 100 megabytes a month in data.

A prepaid cell phone is used by first purchasing the amount of minutes you will be using each month (plan). You will then be able to apply additional minutes by purchasing predetermined minute cards that you would load onto your phone.

Of course the rules have changed for many prepaid phones with all of the competition. However, I write this as a warning to always read your small print to avoid any extra charges. i suggest you get a phone with the monthly fee you can afford and the services you use comfortably each month.

The out dated prepaid cell phone cards will cost $10,$25,or $50 . Some will double your minutes as a reward.You can prepay your calling minutes or data (Internet) by buying the card from your provider.

Each price will determine how many minutes you are adding, some companies will double your minutes when you buy a certain amount of minutes for your phone. This is advisable.

Reading the small print is very important about the plan but is so time consuming. When you are out searching for the right phone you end up grabbing the first cheapest plan.Then later you become disappointed because of unknown fees and charges from the various carriers.

Whats new......


The nation's only truly free monthly phone service, FreedomPop's "Freedom Phone" offers 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of free data on Sprint's 3G, WiMAX, and LTE networks.unlimited voice and text with 500 MB data for $10.99 per month.

Paying for calling 411 without knowing can cause a huge hit on your bill.Being educated on a fee like this can certainly change the type of prepaid phone you buy if you depend on using the 411 service.

ChitChat Mobile

Several lower-profile MVNOs resell Sprint service at really low rates. ChitChat Mobile appears to be the most affordable, with a $9.99 plan that has 250 talk minutes, unlimited text, and no data, and a $19.99 unlimited talk and text plan.

Republic Wireless

The Republic Wireless company offers an Android phone for just $19 per month, including unlimited voice, data, and text. No contract, no early termination fees, no overage charges. 550 voice minutes, 150 texts, and 300 MB of data. Unlimited access with wifi.

Places to Find the Best Cell Phone Deals


411 Fee On Your Prepaid Phone

  • Boost Mobile - $1.29 to call 411
  • TracFone- Free to call 411
  • Net10 - Free to call 411
  • GoPhone - $1.79 to call 411
  • MetroPCS - $2.00 monthy to call 411
  • Virgin Mobile-$1.75 to call 411
  • Altel- $1.50 to call 411
  • Straight Talk-Free to call 411
  • Simple Mobile-Free to call Google 411

Choose a company that will reward you and double your minutes. If you are penalized with hidden fees every month you are in a wrong plan. Read your small print it is worth the time.

Know when your minutes expire and when your payment is due to avoid cut offs.This can be so annoying. Ask if you have roaming or have to pay an activation fees. Yes some prepaid phones have activation fees.

Cell Phone Deal Tip: Know Your Phone Function Needs Before You Buy

Make sure that the prepaid phone that you choose has the functionality that you need. These phones have come a long way you don't have to go without a good looking phone,Internet and great camera anymore.

Besure to check your coverage area from the company you will be using. The varieties have improved so don't settle. Take time and look around compare cheap prepaid cell phones and services before you commit. Comparing online will take away confusion when talking to a salesperson in person or save you gas money when ordering online.

Relevant Resource

How To Compare Cell Phone Types Before You Buy Before you leave the comfort of your home. Keep your child safe and find out where they are located and who they are texting when they are not with you.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thank you for that clarifying comment HoneyBunny!

      I hope you are sharing your opinions professional wise online.

    • profile image

      HoneyBunny 6 years ago

      This was a question I wondered about when I first signed up with Net10 a couple of years ago. The minutes do carry over as long as you keep your service days active. So if you have a card that's valid for 90 days, make sure you add another card before the 90 days are up, and then both days of service and minutes you had left, will carry over. The only thing that has become confusing is the new $25 and $50 monthly plans. These do not carry over, but for me the rates they offer/minute on these 2 are so low(3c/minute for $25, and unlimited, which I guess you can't carry over :) ), I'm not complaining.

      As for how many minutes you'll my experience, the more you have, the more you'll use! This is where "parenthood" is right; the flexibility of Net10 is really appealing.

      As Elearn4life says though, research and know what your needs are up front.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      I also found out that when buying your extra minutes using Net10 you also extend your service time on your phone. Which means you do have an expiration on your previous minutes. I suggest checking to see if any company your considering offers the same.

      Thanks for your comment Morgane

    • profile image

      Morgane 6 years ago

      I read online that there isn't an option to rollover. I am not sure if this is correct, but maybe that will answer your question. I think the best option to go with would be the unlimited, track your usage and if you don't need to use unlimited you can go with one of their package deals instead. The beauty is, like you said, not being locked in so you can switch around.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Knowing how long you can carry your minutes over is a great question. Each provider will have a different policy. I would write a list of you concerns down so not to miss any important points. RESEARCH,RESEARCH and more RESEARCH.

      At least these phones do not have contracts.I would also check for the phone that has the cheapest charge per minute. If you low minutes.

      Thanks for stopping by! Good Luck

    • profile image

      parenthood 6 years ago

      My big concern is determining the amount of minutes I will need for the month. One of the advantages I see with Net10, is while you're figuring it out, you have the flexibility of switching between the monthly and the pay as you go plans. Right away I can see that the monthly, especially the unlimited plan, is good for someone with extremely high usage. But, for someone with lesser usage the pay as you go is good because what you don't use one month, can carry over to the next. One question, how long can you continue to carry over? The cost per minute for talk and text is higher, but this may make it worthwhile.