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Google Drive-A cloud storage service from Google

Updated on May 9, 2012

A new cloud computing Service

In this new era of Cloud Computing ,I was glad to hear about the launch of Google's new Cloud storage device,the Google Drive which offers 5 GB of free space.Obviously Google Drive is not the first Cloud storage ever released.I have heard about some services like Dropbox, and which offers similar services of online storage(both free and paid),but Google drive has come with some new features.I have written about a few features in Google Drive ; a brief outlook about this new service.

5 Gb of free space!!..

Google Drive offers new users 5GB of storage for free after signing up.We can also upgrade our space starting at 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month,says so.If you haven't yet signed up for Google Drive,you can do it now here.

Creating and sharing documents on the cloud

Google Drive provides creating,sharing and editting documents in the cloud itself.We can create documents,presentation,spreadsheets,forms,drawings and many more.We can share documents with our friends and also choose who has the rights to edit our documents.There is also an option to share our files directly through Google plus so that friends in our circles can view it.

Fast retreival of data through Search option

Using the Search option ,we can filter the files saved in our Google Drive.We can also make an advanced search to get better results by filtering with the file types,ownership of files or with the visibility of files.

Download Google Drive

We can download google Drive and install in our pc.Once the internet is connected we can sign in and view our files and those files that has been shared with us.

Google Drive vs Dropbox

Dropbox is another Cloud computing service for storing files online.Sign up for Dropbox here if you havent done yet.A brief comparision between Dropbox and Google Drive is given below.

  • Google Drive offers 5 GB of space initially but we need to pay and upgrade it,wheras Dropbox offers 2 GB initially,but by refferal activity,we can increase it upto 16 GB.
  • Google Drive offers a maximum file size of 10GB,but Dropbox has no limit for that.
  • In Google Drive ,we can share files and give permissions to edit,but no such options in Dropbox.
  • We can create documents in the Drive itself ,but no such option in Dropbox.


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