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How to Organize Your iPad, iPod or iPhone Apps

Updated on October 23, 2012

Organizing Your Apps - Taking Control of Your Apps

If you own an Apple product such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be well aware of how many hundreds and thousands of apps are available from the iTunes store either free or for a very low cost. You are probably also aware of how easy your Apple gadget can become swamped with apps making it difficult for you to find the right app when you want it.

Taking control of your apps and organizing them into a structure that makes sense for you is easy to do, require little time upfront and will make navigating your iPad, iPod and iPhone that much easier.

How To Create Folders For My Apps

If you need help learning how to create folders for your app check out How to Organize your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch App into folders for step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

First Step- Will You Organize Your Apps into Screens or Folders

With Apple iPads, iPod Touch or iPhones you have choice of whether you want to organize your apps into folders or screens, also referred to as pages.

Organizing apps into folders means that you potentially increase the number of apps available to you on each page by grouping apps into a folder structure and having all your apps accessible on the first screen.

Organizing apps into the different screens means that you group apps into different pages and you scroll through the pages to find the apps you are looking for.

Obviously, you can use a mix of folders and screens to organize your screens. For example, one page might be reserved for photography and video apps. You might then use folders on that page to further organize those apps into special effects, video editing etc

Organize Apps by Category

Probably one of the most common ways for organizing your apps is by organizing them into categories. The easiest category would be the default category that iTunes uses to sort out your apps. Personally I find that these categories can be a bit too broad for my needs so I make up my own categories based on what makes sense for me such as studying, read, shopping

When it comes to devising categories for your apps there is no right or wrong way. Unless you are using a shared device, you should organize your apps purely in a way that makes sense to you.

Organize Apps by Name

If grouping apps into categories is not for you, how about organizing apps alphabetically? It may take a little bit of time sorting out your existing apps into order initially, but once it's set-up adding new apps is easy, as all you need to do is drag the new apps into their correct position as soon as you install them.

Organize Apps By Most Used

If you have a group of apps that you use more frequently than the rest consider placing them on the first page. This will save you time having to scroll through the pages to find the hub you are after.

With the sheer volume of apps available to us in can be quite easy to accumulate apps that we no longer want and this can slow down our iPad, iPhones and iPods. Get into the habit of sorting through your apps every couple of months getting rid of ones that you no longer need or want.

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