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Inside A Printing Company--A Dying Breed

Updated on February 4, 2012

A tour through our company--be our guest

Internet and Social networking media is attracting more and more what the printing industry did back around the post cold war era.


When we saw a steady decline in readership, we had to think of ways of keep ourselves on top of the game. When Google announced that we could print his adsense bulletins and fliers, we offered our custom-made designs and they accepted and gave us the green flag.

When Rite-Aid wanted to make use of our ideas to generate revenue, we approached them with our new monopoly game board and it was accepted.

Hartford Insurance took our system of sending discounts to seniors citizens above 55 and that kept us going. No more newspapers or magazines. We had to diversify and we survived. Wrong moves from a past management sold our magazine fragance sampling-- the one you smell when you turn a page... where you can dive your 'likeness' through a sampling of J-Lo's last Perfume. Here are some of the pictures that are going to share with you appreciated readers


The paper-- a raw view

These are humongous rolls-- think of a toilet paper the size of Motorcycle. We have different sizes and thickness. We use offset for the pages of a magazine. Glossy for the commercial prints and matte for non shining projects like the newest brochure from a Nissan or a Toyota. Paper is there for grabs.

A Hantscho press with 6 units
A Hantscho press with 6 units | Source

The printing presses

These Gigantic running machines replaced Guttemberg's 1454 first press. The concept was improved in order to get productivity. Just think of those ruber stamps you got on your school assignments, but this time through a process called offset. The paper that you saw above has to be flipped in order to be fed through our units that are individually pumped from nearby 'totes' with the primary colors : Magenta, Cyan, black and varnishing coats. On a future hub we will explain the process of printing in detail.

Clamp trucks used to hold 5000 pounds
Clamp trucks used to hold 5000 pounds | Source

A clamp truck

This hybrid from a forklift, turns the rolls, that weight around 2000 lbs. each, to a proper feeding position-- think of yourself inserting a toilet paper roll to the wall next to your toilet. You just make use of it when needed. In this case the Printing machine swallows and pull the paper fed between heavy cylinders. Our operators work on this process everyday and is just a rutinary activity. The clamp truck has to be check periodically, since it can lose pressure or crush the roll if is not set to an indicated compresability.

printed rolls with our production
printed rolls with our production | Source

prefinished rolls

As an example this rolls are already printed, but need a final 'cut.' Just imagine the Publish clearance Warehouse mail order arriving to your door, but at this point they need a second run in order to be cut down to simple sheets and then binded smoothly. What you see in those rolls are the future phone bills or your ticket from an state trooper, but virgin. The difference with this is that the paper does not profile, like this COPS. Names and addresses will be added by our Data..on the run literally.

Sampling at closer range
Sampling at closer range | Source

Sampling at closer range

You can see the pattern in here. Hartford Insurance in this case, gives us millions of potential customers to take care of. We also have the ability to mail them once they are automatically inserted in a regular envelope, with your name and address neatly spelled. Sure! We love our job and proof reading is always part of our task. Amazing how these engineers and mechanics came out with these ideas huh?

Our shredder, saving a extra tree
Our shredder, saving a extra tree | Source


We always have left overs or trimmed edges that won't go into the regular garbage can. We use a complex system of pumps that with their negative force swallow the chips of paper into a chamber that compress them neatly and with a nice volume to be sent to toilet, or paper towel companies. The revenue is re invested in equipment and maintenance. Every now and them we get pizza pies from the Waste management people..just to lobby our raw material....if you know what we mean!!

We constantly get to the board and look for means to save money, or lure new customers to our creativity ideas. We even send samples of direct mailing. At times we print sensitive information that cannot be publicized anywhere else. No, we don't print those 20 dollars bills yet.

Pistons, valves, production!
Pistons, valves, production! | Source

Machines that will think of us

This is the prelude of future thinking machines. So far we added sotfware to some automated processes. Pistons and valves became robotic arms and artificial intelligence will follow. A dying industry that need to re-invent itself and gets us going. So far, we have consolidated operations and cut costs. Election year is a good year for us, and we always keep thinking and thinking...about the next idea to work on. Same way when we come in here to write our hubs.



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