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Internet Access and Kids - Merits and Demerits of Internet Access-

Updated on March 11, 2017

We live in a fast developing community, where we find, Internet and computers have great influence in children, especially teenagers. Now-a days we cannot even imagine about a world without these facilities. Internet is actually an inevitable part of life such that we cannot say no, all of a sudden to such facilities. Here, we are trying to analyze the merits and demerits of computers in general and internet in particular.

Merits of Internet

As there are two sides for a coin, every problem has its own merits and demerits. While speaking on the merits of Internet, we have to think about the enormous amount of information that it is providing to the young generation. It gives them good assistance in their studies, makes their studies easy, and gives more information than any other text book can give them. In short, it is the whole world, a click away.

It helps them to make projects for academic needs, store the gathered information in the cyberspace, helps to recollect the information when necessary, etc, thus improving in their studies. Internet is also an important tool for communication.

It helps the children communicate the outside world with very little cost. It provides them many amusements like games, social networking etc., so, it is not a wonder if we say,we cannot now imagine a world without internet. Internet gives the child a message of unity, it helps the child to think about the world as one. It gives the child the facilities of many tool at a time on one table. For example, one can read news paper, study a particular topic and even listen to music or cinema from the same computer, so it is used as one common tool for different purposes.


Studies say that if a decade ago one out of 10 was the ratio of teenagers using the internet, now it is almost 8 out of 10. Especially in cities there is a tremendous increase in the number of students using computers and Internet. Experts say that that internet addiction is just like getting addicted to liquor or smoking. Even it is more dangerous than these. Teenagers mainly use internet for chatting, messaging, playing games with others on online or just surf something. Internet addiction makes their total metabolism go upside down. It makes them lazy and also gives many health problems like eye problem, spine problem due to prolonged hours of sitting, makes their brain inactive and finally leads to serious disorders like dementia. Continuous sitting and lack of exercise makes their body plumpy, creates many gastrointestinal problems, knee problems etc. Apart from the dangers mentioned above there are some other problems too due to the overuse or misuse of internet, which are still severe. One of them are, there is a chance that the child may get connected to a wrong group which may put the child at a risk of violation of law. This includes downloading illegal software, hacking other internet users or even spreading viruses.

Risky chatting is another danger in which a teenager may indulge in, in a very easy way. Social networking and other internet sources give children a wide range of chatting facilities, making new relationships, connecting people all over the world, which they also feel highly interesting in that age. This may sometimes lead the child to be trapped by a sex racket or even with some groups practicing drug abuse. Once if the child unknowingly got into it, it may be very difficult to come out, sometimes they have to spare their life itself for it.


Educating the teenagers as well as the parents about the pros and cons of usage of internet is the most important thing to be suggested as a remedy. Parents should have nice relationships with their children, so that each and everything in the child's life is shared with them. This may lead to parent give the child timely assistance. A thing also is to noted is that the computers should not be kept in the child's room, so that it will not give the child an opportunity to use it more and also in an illegal way. It should be kept in the common area of the home that every member should have a look at what others are doing with it. Educating the child about the dangers will, to a great extent, minimize the risk of malpracticing.

Let us hope the best to have a nicely educated, mentally powerful, physically fit new generation in our country


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