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Photobucket Website Review

Updated on June 15, 2017
All sorts of images are needed to enhance excellent article content.
All sorts of images are needed to enhance excellent article content.

With the amount of pictures and images on the web, there was bound to be websites responsible for organizing and sharing these. Photobucket is simply one of the few who caught on early and made a remarkable plan of action to make this happen. The enterprise is responsible for getting images, still and video, loaded to the site and from the site to share around the web.

The site is a commercial video, picture and image hosting site created by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal. They have over 10 billion images in their catalog and a membership just over 100 million people. Most of the images on the site are for personal use, but more than a few businesses also find their needs met.

Private users include bloggers and nearly any writer interested in adding photo or video images to their written content. This is a company which has received a majority of great reviews and is extremely easy to use. Businesses find use through Craigslist, EBay and similar classified advertisements and online auctions.

Just like any other service or site there are advantages and disadvantages using Photobucket. This is a brief overview outlining what those are. Take a moment to look these over if interested in using this company.

Amazon has excellent info surrounding mobile pics and videos

How it works using the site

Twitter Ties

One huge coup for the company came in the summer of 2011. The announcement of Twitter making ties with Photobucket came as a surprise to the public, but for the company it certainly was a win. This is currently how all images are shared by Twitter clients.

Twitter made it their default photo sharing platform. This meant almost 21/2 million images tied to tweets posted by users where coming from the Photobucket account. Before choosing to tie the knot with the company, Twitter was associated with Yfrog and TwitPic. Users have admitted they enjoy making use of Photobucket much more than former image businesses used by the big social sharing site.


There are free as well as paid options for any user enjoying the site. The biggest difference between paid and free versions of membership is a storage capacity difference. This makes a variation for accounts based on pricing structures.

Free users boast 2 GB of storage for video and images while paid ones fluctuate between the cheapest storage capacities of 20GB up to 500GB. Prices start at @2.99 monthly or $29.99 a year and are expensive as 500GB at $39.99 monthly or $399.00 each year.

Free admission to the service does provide a couple of perks. As well as storage for video and images to upload there is room for 10GB of bandwidth to connect and share. One really big perk is access to the company’s slideshow, editing, and Story features without a limit.

Paid participants get the same features with a little bit more. They are able to enjoy Bandwidth without limits, other site features and no advertisement interaction using the site.

Sharing of videos, photos and pics are possible through several formats. Usage of email, social media, smart phones and IM (instant messaging) all enable affiliates to share data.

What benefits are seen?


There are several advantages realized by supporters not found with similar sites. Several of the most popular are explained here.

Photobucket Stories

One feature not very well known is Photobucket Stories. Participants build a simple narrative using their personal photos, videos and text. There is a canvas which

Downloads are able to span across Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. With sites like Pinterest this feature has really blown up. Instantly embed these once created.


Several layers of security exist for every album an associate creates. Depending on whether affiliation is public or private and other uses determine which one works best. These are all for albums which are created by members. The differences are briefly explained here.

  • Public-photos which are part of this album happen to show up in places like Bing or Google via Photobucket searches. Links are connected back to other sites and albums. Many of the pics are found on the member profile page.
  • Private- Photobucket searches will not reveal any images in the private security files. Photos are not revealed to followers or shown on the profile page
  • Password protected- only approved visits through a password are allowed into the album. There is away for guests to visit if the owner provides them with a guest password. Search engines will never show album contents


There is a blog which offers members a chance to learn about deals on printing, contests and fun things going on with the site.

Security checks

The site is always looking for any suspicious activity tied to their services. Whenever they discover anything hinky, they immediately put a stop to it.

Anything deemed inappropriate by the site found inside of any personal files is removed immediately.

Most people imagine photos of people. Though albums are also full of other things as well.
Most people imagine photos of people. Though albums are also full of other things as well.

Plus subscription prices for Photobucket

storage space
per month pricing
per year pricing

Photobucket is a website which has been around since 2003. Creators have certainly not been sitting on their hands. In fact they have added wonderful editions. Although there have been several corporate changes the business has remained basically the same.

Tell us what you really think about the site

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Photobucket website


Video limits

Although here are certainly great characteristics of the company there are some drawbacks. One of the biggest is the video limitation. Video uploads must be 500 MB or less. Not only are they limited by MB they are also time restraints. No more than 10 minutes maximum is the ceiling. Additionally, regardless of how files are uploaded they are converted to mp4 format.

Security breaches

Security is definitely a priority for the site. Though, users discovered when they have a password protected site pics are still accessible with anyone knowing the URL. Fuskers is the word used for programs which scan for likely URLs established for images.

Fuskers have led to private pics and images shared without permission across the web. It is advised to mix up URLs to protect the personal pics already on file and any future ones.


Free operators begin their access with the interruptions of advertisements. There is no option to turn them off and this is partly how the company is able to offer such great benefits for no charge. It is annoying at times, but certainly no less so than other websites. Even YouTube has advertisers to answer to.


Want your feedback on the subject

Would you refer family or friends to Photobucket?

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In conclusion

The overall view of the website is positive. It offers members what they need in a video capacity, the security is fairly impressive when compared with similar platforms and is easy to navigate. The blog offers some remarkable info which is very useful and informative. The Twitter association and the confidence they have placed in the company speaks volumes in their favor.

They are a thumbs up and worth a second look if you have not already done so. Although there are disadvantages, the pros outweigh the cons.

The site was established in 2003, but sold several years later. Fox Media swooped up the company in 2007 and sold it again in 2009. Although it has changed hands more than once, the name has virtually stayed the same.

It has become so enormous that nearly two percent of all American photo traffic goes thru the business.

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