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Review of The hp Deskjet 1056 All-In-One Printer

Updated on February 2, 2013
hp Deskjet printer.
hp Deskjet printer. | Source
hp Deskjet printer
hp Deskjet printer | Source
This is a pic of my granddaughter, which she printed out.
This is a pic of my granddaughter, which she printed out. | Source
hp Deskjet 1056 printer
hp Deskjet 1056 printer | Source

The hp Home Essentials Deskjet 1056 Printer.

I purchased the hp Deskjet 1056 printer, after much research , after my Cannon printer just stopped working on me, and it was not even that old, nor did it get a lot of use. And so I wanted to go with another brand. I read many good reviews on hp printers.

The hp Deskjet 1056 is a printer, copier and scanner. It is stylish and lightweight. The printer comes with one black ink cartridge and one color ink cartridge. You will however need to buy a USB cord, as one does not come with the printer. The setup is really easy to do, and comes with the CD software, and setup poster. It however only comes with a little booklet. Which really does not give you a lot of information. To install the software, insert the CD and follow the onscreen instructions. And if you have Installation troubleshooting problems, there is a little section that will help you with that. And if you have a computer or laptop without a CD/DVD drive, you can visit to download and install the printer software. Which I am going to do, as I own a notebook as well, and I would like to able to print from it as well.

Also included as Bonus, the Hallmark Card Studio express 5, which after installing the printer, you are prompted to download the software for the program. You can create personalized cards and more with thousands of possibilities. There are 900+ cards and projects. You can design cards for any occasion. They also have Templates, which include: Business cards, recipe cards,gift card holders, 3D calendars,Birthday and holiday card collections, and puzzles. There are also 1,000+ clip art images to choose from. There are many different projects to choose from. So if you are the creative type of person, you will love this program. If you have children, they would have hours of fun creating many fun projects!

The hp Deskjet prints quickly and quietly. The print is very clear, and the color is crisp and clear. I printed out photos that looked great! My old printer took forever to print anything, and was noisy, though the print and color were good though. The control panel is easy to understand as well There is the on button, cancel button, start copy black and start copy color, attention light and cartridge light. I have had no problem with the hp Deskjet, and I really do love it. Also as far as the ink goes, you can buy single ink cartridges or you can get a double pack with both black and color in cartridges. I bought the double pack, so I would have it on hand, plus it was a really good deal. The ink prices are good as well, and no to to expensive. I bought the hp Deskjet for under $50 before tax.

So if you are in the market, and looking to buy a new printer. I would suggest looking at the hp deskjet. There are different models to choose from, and different price ranges. Choose the one that is right for you. So yes I would definitely recommend the hp deskjet 1056.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I'm looking for a new printer. Thanks for the overview.