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What Is The Best Data Recovery Software

Updated on September 25, 2014

Computer data recovery software is a must for major businesses, and companies are willing to pay only for the best data recovery software on the market. Depending on the type of software required for any specific problem and the importance of the files that need to be recovered there are different computer data recovery services available. Some files can be easily recovered, but there are cases where it may be more difficult to recover such files, which may require more advanced computer data recovery software to do the job. Be aware that some online data recovery software can be quite expensive and there are many services online that will provide you with this software. There are also different types of software for different types of problems, for a major corporation or business that has lost important files they are more likely to purchase only the best software that will do the job and are willing to buy more expensive software. For the average person  however this may not be a option, but don't concern yourself too much as there are some fairly affordable data recovery software on the market that will suite your budget.

Data Recovery On Your Computer

Here are a few things you can try from your own computer before having to pay for an expensive computer data recovery service. There are precautions one can take to avoid such problems, most tend to work on a file before saving it to their computer make it a must to always give a file or document a name and place to save on your computer, so if anything does go wrong you will a least have saved the file to your computer. There is another program that maybe able to restore lost files called system restore if you are running windows XP then you will more than likely have this software on you computer. Simply go to start scroll to help and support click, and it will bring up the help and support screen, scroll down to system restore and click. it will give you the option of which date you would like to restore your computer, you would want to go back to the date in which you lost your files and click that, the system restore will then take your computer back to that date . it will restart your computer and let you know weather the change was successful or not, if not you can try a earlier date and repeat the process. Remember if you did not save your file to begin with there maybe a chance that the file is permanently lost in which case you will need to purchase online software that is more advanced.

Check Your Fan

The cause of most data loss is due to the hard drive being damaged in some form or manner. It maybe because of your computer overheating due to the internal fan, the fan may well be clogged with dust and grime built up over time. or it could be that the fan has stopped altogether, if that is the case than you will need to replace the fan, do not use the computer if the fan is not working as you will overheat other components within the system. If it is due to a blockage in the ventilation from dust and grime, then you can just simply take off the outer casing of your computer and using a lite bristle brush clear away any built up dust that is blocking the vents, you will easily recognize these vents once you find the fan, another option is to use a vacuum cleaner but it is recommended that you use the blow option opposed to sucking the dust up as this is better and less likely to cause any damage to your computer.   


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    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Computer data recovery software is a must for major businesses, and companies are willing to pay only for the best data recovery software on the market