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★ Creative Things To Do When You're BORED | Fun Videos, Links & Activities ★

Updated on February 16, 2016

Ideas for Things to Do to Occupy Yourself Online & At Home

Are you bored and need something to kill the time? Well you've come to the right place! Sometimes you just want to waste time in your lunch time at work, find inspiration for things to do in your summer holidays, or maybe you are a master of procrastinating like myself...but whatever silly entertainment you are looking for, you'll certainly find it here.

This page lists lots of random websites, free online games and funny videos, as well as offline activities such as crazy crafts, art projects, things to make and other fun prompts to make sure you fill your free time enjoyably.

I hope you find these boredom-curing ideas helpful, inspirational, and more importantly, fun!

Build a Tower!

Try a bit of rock stacking, or do a similar thing with (non-fragile of course) household items to create a tower as tall as you can - maybe you could make a fancy tower out of books?!
Try a bit of rock stacking, or do a similar thing with (non-fragile of course) household items to create a tower as tall as you can - maybe you could make a fancy tower out of books?! | Source

Best Fun Books & Games

Interesting books and fun games can while away many hours, and here is a selection of the top rated options:

This Book Will Change Your Life
This Book Will Change Your Life

Humorous and silly suggestions for every day of the year to break away from your normal routine slightly.


How To Make Tiny Rockets

Some of My Own Ideas

  • Invent your own smoothie drink
  • Build a den, castle or fort from household objects and/or cardboard boxes.
  • Have a boogie to your favourite music
  • Make a kite and fly it
  • Try out some photography techniques with your camera, and take arty photos of household items
  • Build a boat, big or small
  • Make a hovercraft
  • Bake a cake, a meal you haven't tried before, or practice your icing skills on some cupcakes. Maybe make them personalised for your friends and family.
  • Pamper yourself with a face mask and a bubble bath and (if you're a girl) paint your nails, exfoliate and generally use all of those pampering products you've had in a cupboard for years!
  • Plan your dream holiday, researching places on the internet
  • Try potato printing
  • Try learning a new skill or craft such as how to make your own chocolate truffles, how to make your own clothes or use a sewing machine, or perhaps you could learn the basics of a new language or learn to play an instrument
  • Clean your room, organise your DVDs/clothes/CDs or wash your car
  • Rearrange the furniture in a room, and perhaps re-decorate/re-paint it
  • Have a BBQ or picnic
  • Give yourself or a friend a makeover
  • Create a ghostly sculpture from chicken wire, which you can then paper mache over if you like
  • Learn a magic trick
  • Do a good deed
  • Create a short stop-motion video using your camera and items/people in your house. Perhaps try to make a video where it looks like someone is flying!
  • Give yourself a newsprint manicure.
  • Play around with cardboard (click here for tips) - how about making a teepee, castle, mini city, beach hut, table,fancy dress costume, mechanism, sculpture, or anything else you like!
  • Make a temporary stained glass effect on your windows with circles of cellophane.
  • Clear out your drawers and line them with funky DIY patterns.
  • Try documenting a week in your life, even if you think you're boring!
  • Replicate a famous movie scene/music video/TV highlight with just a video camera and your friends. You can raid the fancy dress box and use whatever props you can find - then just edit it all together with a cool music soundtrack. This will provide laughs for years to come and you can make it as amateur or professional as you like. I personally think it's always funnier if you do it all completely straight-faced!
  • Make a hat for a banana.
  • Construct a tetrahedral kite and take it for a test run.
  • If you are warped and have a pet dog, why not draw on some eyebrows?!
  • Build a desk organizer with just layers of cardboard.
  • Paint some pebbles from your garden.
  • Make a fun Pacman toy from a clothes peg.

Try Towel Origami

Photo by Steven Tan.

To learn how to do your own towel origami, click here

Learn to Dance, Juggle, Pen Spin & More

More Fun Prompts

How to Make Fireballs, Steel Sparks & a Hot Air Balloon

Be careful with these projects, and don't do them near anything too flammable!

Make a Helicopter Plus Some Paper Toys

Make Art with Pancakes, Juggle Drumsticks & Build a Contraption

Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom

  • Plan and make a Halloween costume so you won't be stuck for your next party
  • Make some traditional lemonade
  • Add to your knowledge, whether it's learning the capital city of every country in the world, the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie etc), some news words from the dictionary, the order of every English King and Queen, or whatever else you'd like to know well
  • Look through your photographs and make a collage, or label and sort them
  • Make a video for Youtube
  • Make your own epic giant snack
  • Write your christmas cards early - imagine the relief when you get to Christmas knowing they're already done!
  • Get your stopwatch out and time yourself running from one end of your garden/house to the other as fast as you can. Then try and get a better time. Keep going until you can't reduce your time any more.
  • Practice catching grapes/peanuts in your mouth
  • Funk up your shoes by using these shoelace lacing patterns
  • Create a new type of chocolate bar by slowly melting different chocolate bars down in a bowl over a pan of hot water, then put other sweets into the mix such as fruit pieces, raisins, Skittles, nuts etc. Then pour the melted mix into a mould. If you haven't got a mould, you could make a hollow rectangular box shape from a cereal box, sellotape it together, cover the inside with a few layers of leak-proof plastic wrap (clingfilm), then pour your chocolate mix into your DIY mould. Wait for it to set and then taste!
  • Make a time-lapse video by taking photos of the same thing at the same regular intervals and then putting them all together in a video. For instance you could take photos of ice melting in a glass at 1 minute intervals and then put the shots together in Windows Media Player or other similar software
  • Have a go at still-life drawing - there are always objects lying around which you can draw.
  • Why not work on your ninja ping pong skills - you only need a cup and a ping pong ball.
  • For something a bit different, you could have a go at these brilliantly creative 30 projects.
  • Make some custom soap carvings.
  • Try painting your own hands.
  • Doodle on your windows with dry erase markers.
  • Make a bat-copter toy with card, bamboo skewers and other bits 'n' bobs.
  • Have fun with a Cobra Weave stick bomb using just popsicle sticks.
  • If you've got a spare minute, why not make a really easy strawplane.
  • Make some cardboard boomerangs and learn to throw them correctly.
  • Create your own butterfly wind-up toys.
  • How about painting your washing machine so it's not just plain and boring?
  • Have fun using a wet erase chalk marker to draw and write on a window - maybe your favorite quote or song lyric?
  • Make a miniature bow and arrow using a popsicle stick and a Q-tip!

Sellotape Yourself!

Click here for a photo gallery of more Sellotape sculpture examples.

For instructions on how to create a Sellotape body yourself click here.

Photo by Jake Wild.

You could also paper mache over the Sellotape if you like, then you can paint it.

Fly a Kite


Target Practice

Learn a valuable life skill ;-)
Learn a valuable life skill ;-) | Source

Even More Ideas For Things To Do

A Second A Day

I hope this fantastic video inspires you to record a second of video footage per day for a whole year. It would be great to look back at a montage of your entire year and remember all of the moments.

So just how bored are you?

See results

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      This is one dam good website love it!

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      ha those are funny things to do :)! I decided to learn how to juggle :D!

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      Ok... nice lens, but I gotta ask... was the whole 'bored' and 'board theme' thing on purpose or coincedental? ;)

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      super lens

    • biltenales profile image

      Ales 5 years ago from Slovenia

      super lens

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