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How Can I Fix My Cell Phone It Got Wet Tips

Updated on April 20, 2015

Best Chance Of Saving Your Wet Cell Phone

Do you have a wet cellphone?  Here are some tips to help you fix your wet cell phone.  They don't always work the same every time, but it seems to be the consensus that if you follow this advice, you stand the best chance of saving your wet cell phone. 

Remove The Battery!

Remove the battery now!  Don't wait for the phone to turn off or any other explanation.  Make sure that power in the phone is gone as soon as possible.

Clean The Wet Cell Phone With Water?

I know this sounds very unorthodox, but you should try to run some kind of distilled water (maybe from a faucet or bathtub) through the phone. This water will help remove any contaminants the phone may have encountered. If you dropped the phone in distilled water, you can skip this step.

Get Some Rice And Use It

Grab a bag of rice from the pantry. Place it in a bowl. Open your wet cell phone up so that it has its maximum surface area exposed to the rice. Only remove the sections that are meant to be separated from the phone (case, back, battery, screen protector, etc). Do not try to break open the phone! Place the your cell phone that got wet in the rice so that the rice is surrounding the phone.


This is the worst part.  Wait 2-3 days before attempting to reinstall the battery and boot it up.  If the phone appears to be lagging or is stalling on startup you may need to reemerge the phone in rice and wait some more. 

Voila! Or Not

This strategy for fixing a wet cell phone works most of the time, but on rare occasions it may not. If this doesn't work, you may be able to take the cell phone apart to salvage it, but this is out of my comfortable advice range. If you are thinking about taking your phone apart, just call the store where you bought the phone and ask them for their advice. They may have some way of looking at it for you and helping you.

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Another Way to Salvage Your Wet Cell Phone!


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