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what is computer software ? (Definition and Types)

Updated on February 20, 2014

A Computer is basically made up of two parts. The Hardware and the Software. The Hardware is those visible parts of the Computer such as the Motherboard and the peripherals. The Computer Software on the other hand is not visible, but it is what tell the Computer Hardware what to do.

The only language the Computer Hardware can control is on and off. This is called the Binary. Every other function of the Computer is controlled by the Software. Computer Software is a written Program interpretable into commands that the Computer can understand. Usually written by a Programmer or a Computer Software Engineer.

Computer Software is a vast topic. However for the sake of simplicity it is mostly classified into two broad categories. These are the System Software and the Application Software. Each of these will be discussed in turn.

System Software

The Computer System Software is the platform on which every other software and components of the Computer operates. Basically System software consists of Operating System and all the processes that create it, hence some expert will want to subdivide System software to Operating system, Utility and Programming Software.

I think it is explicit and more academic to sum a System Software and the above divisions into the basis without which the Computer is useless. These bases are all contained in the Operating System.The Operating System of a computer is a framework on which other Computer Software operate. It relates with the basic input and output system of a Computer System (BIOS) and determine how the entire system work. Below are examples of popular Operating System Software:








BlackBerry OS

Nokia OS

The above examples serve as a bridge between the Computer hardware and the Application Software. Each of them has different Operating modes that ranges from single and multi-users Operating environment. Also single and multi-task Operating environment such has the Android Software that can allow more than one task carried out at the same time on a system. Some are compartmentalized into real time processing mode. A System that specify required time under which an output is expected or achieved.

The prestige accorded any device that is amenable to an operating system such as mentioned above, is the quality of its operating environment, just like Microsoft Windows in the World of PC and Google Android in Smartphones. So when purchasing a System the most likely first information a knowledgeable user will want to know is its operating system.

Brain behind artificial intelligence, is the computer software
Brain behind artificial intelligence, is the computer software | Source

Application Software

Application Software is the Software enables a user of a Computer System to perform specific task and perhaps a spring board for other activities such as the Microsoft Office (Application Suit). Examples of Application Software are Media Player Software, Accounting software, Engineering Software, E book reader Software etc.

Other examples of Application Software include:

1. Word Processing: This is Application Software which includes Microsoft Word, Word Perfect etc.It is one of the most popular software use virtually by almost all computer owners. Microsoft word is use to type documents, prepare memos and more which is a daily routine for many users like me.

2. Multi-Media Software: This includes Real player and Media player Software, Video editing Software, etc.

3. Data Base Software: This includes Oracle, Paradox etc.

4. Spreadsheet Software: This includes Microsoft excel, Lotus 1-2-3 etc.

There are thousands of Application Software today in the market. Virtually every branch of Human endeavour today has an Application Software has the use of the Computer System has pervaded every facet of living.

In summary, Computer Software serves as an interface between the Computer Hardware and the Computer user. A clear knowledge of this concept will ensure ultimate benefits of using the Computer System.

So if you are a professional find out which Software best sooth your activities if you have not done so.


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