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Updated on April 23, 2015

Netgear Router

There are many different models of Netgear routers. This is one the most common models. Yours may look completely different.
There are many different models of Netgear routers. This is one the most common models. Yours may look completely different. | Source

The Problem: The website does not load for your Netgear wireless router.

When you try to access your routerlogin Netgear page, it just displays search engine results or you are getting a "Page can not be displayed" or a "Can not be found" error.

There are a number of issues that can cause this to happen. I am going to describe what causes the issue and how to fix it. The causes may sound a little scary or intimidating, but don't worry. I offer easy fixes along some alternative ways to reach your wireless routers administrative page. Let's dive right in.

Reasons why is not working.

Cause: You are searching and getting search results in return.

One of the simplest reasons why you may not be reaching the administrative page is that you are typing into a search engine tool bar at the top of your browser instead of inside the address bar itself.

Searches are performed when you do not know the web address. In this case, we know the web address. When you know the web address you want to go to, you do not want to search, you want to go directly to it. Google or any other search engine does not make your personal router available to people on the Internet to access through search results, but they will show relevant websites on the topic, such as mine. That is most likely how found me and you are not finding your routers log in.

Solution: Stop Searching.

Make sure you are typing it into the address bar at the top of the browser, not a search bar. If that brought up your router login page, you were searching before.

Cause: Bad network settings in the computer.

It could be the IP address set in your computer that is not in the same range as the IP address in your Netgear router. Not having your computer in the same IP range as the IP range on the router is like looking for a specific house on a particular road and you are on another road, searching up and down the wrong block. You will never find it this way. If it is an IP address problem with the computer you are using, odds are that you are not even able to access the Internet at all.

The DNS network setting could be off as well. You need to make sure the computer is getting its DNS passed on from the router. If you want to learn more about DNS, you can read up on it. Just take my word on it, this part has to be correct.

Solution: Change your IP Address and DNS Server settings.

In short, you want to have your IP Address and DNS Server Address settings set to Automatically Obtain.

Here is how it is done in Window 7 and Vista.

Cause: It could be an issue with the router itself

Routers are strange devices. Often times when they fail, they do not fail completely. When routers start to fail, sometimes you may find that yourself constantly unplugging and plugging the routers power to get it to work. Sometimes just portions of the router stop working permanently such as the login page. It is normal to have to unplug and plug in power every once in a great while to get it to work again. If you find yourself having to do this every few days or less, it may be failing.

Solution: Buy a new router

Other ideas you can try:

Try removing and reapplying power to your router. Then try again.

Sometimes routers come with a CD from the router manufacturer that access the routerlogin page. If you have the original CD, give that a try.

You can also try to access it by typing in the IP Address of the router directly in the address bar of the web browser.

It is preferable that you are accessing the router from a wired computer. If you have your computer hardwired, you have done the steps above and can not even access the Internet, make sure that the LED on the router is lit for the corresponding numbered spot your computer is plugged into. Your computer should also have a LED light where the cable plugs in. If there is no light, there is a hardwire connection issue. Check the Ethernet cable is securely connected at each end. If you are getting anything at all, try another cable.

By visiting my Hubpages profile, you can view all of my other articles relating to wireless.


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      poojanetgear 2 years ago

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      Canada and Netgear Technical support

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      Jesas 2 years ago

      You call this a hubpage. Take a walk my man, you must have taken a joint or something when you wrote this

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      DSki 2 years ago


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      A***** 2 years ago

      LOL. The worst blog post ever. All you had to do is offer two solutions, do not search and buy new router.FO

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      terry da silva 3 years ago

      tstay far away to fix the router

    • profile image

      Rose 4 years ago

      DOES NOT HELP!!!

    • profile image

      abasplab 4 years ago

      You forgot to mention that you can only access the router if you're connected with an ethernet cable. You can not login if you're using Wi-Fi.