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031811 - Giganews ... The World's Best Usenet Provider

Updated on June 30, 2011

In some of my previous hubs I've described what newsgroups are and how they work and also some good programs to use to download information from them in the easiest manner possible.  This time I'm going to tell you a little bit about one of the grand daddies of Usenet (well old in terms of Internet years anyways!), what they offer and how they work so that you can utilize them to best effect.

Age & Network

Giganews has been the preeminent Usenet provider since 1994 and with a retention (explained below) measured in years, you can rest assured that if its on Usenet, Giganews has it! In addition to the fact that they store files next to forever, they have server locations globally (North America, Europe & Asia) ensuring that wherever you are in the world you will be able to get a fast and seamless connection to the files and information that you want.


Speed, Retention & Software

Retention - simply put this is the length of time that the servers "retain" the articles. Obviously with the volume of information on Usenet, the more you want to store, the more servers and disc space you need and most companies only offer limited retention. Giganews however is completely different. With a retention of 953 days for binary files (images, video's etc...) and 2825 days for text that means they are offering from 2.6yrs (binary) to 7.7yrs (text) worth of data that you can access!! This is just huge and like I said earlier, if its on Usenet, then Giganews has it!

Speed - here's where it really gets cool. If you want something fast, you want to try this out - Giganews lets you download at the maximum line speed of your Internet connection. With up to 50 (!) concurrent connections, even the biggest files will zip down to you computer in a matter of minutes. Most companies only offer 8 concurrent connections so this by itself is a huge difference and distinction.

Software - finally Giganews has a variety of different software tools that simplify your downloading experience. If you recall in my previous post about downloading from Newsgroups, I explained how *.rar files worked and then how you could about extracting the information from them? While not difficult, it was an unnecessary pain and in my subsequent article I spoke about SabNZB which is a software tool that simplifies this process for you. Well Giganews has yet another option called Mimo which in addition to the extraction of files also has some other cool enhancements which I shall get into more detail on with a further subsequent post. The other piece of really cool software that Giganews offer though stands head and shoulders above anyone else and by itself will pay for your monthly usage. This is the VPN software - called VyprVPN - in addition to giving you a secure connection to the Internet, the other huge advantage is that it can mask your IP address allowing you to access information that would otherwise be restricted due to your country!


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