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A Sure-Fire Trick to Increase Battery Life on all Androids

Updated on May 11, 2015
Android Figure next to the packaging
Android Figure next to the packaging | Source

Battery Life

These days, battery life is everything on devices. From Laptops to Tablets to Phones. If you don't have enough battery power or "juice" you won't be able to do anything.

Unfortunately, Android devices are known to have horrid battery life compared to iOS or any other devices. Also, Android currently dominates over 80% of the smartphone market. So, if you are going to enjoy your experience with Android, good battery life is a must.


This guide will go through the following about battery life:

  1. Finding the cause of battery drain
  2. Reducing the Factors of battery drain
  3. Installing battery saving apps
  4. How to charge your phone better

Double Check These Factors

First we need to understand what uses up your Android battery. This data can be accessed in the settings. This may vary from device to device, but it should be under "battery". Once you've found the stats, you should see that a few things take up the battery.

These probably are:

  • Cell Signal (or cell radio)\
  • GPS (sometimes put as Google Services)
  • Phone Standby
  • Screen
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • and other factors

Battery stats on my phone
Battery stats on my phone

Reducing the Factors that cause Battery Drain

Now that you've found out what causes the battery to be used, you will need to stop the causes. Nearly all the factors in the list above can be controlled,either by turning it off or stopping it.

Try turning off

  • Bluetooth,
  • GPS,
  • lower the brightness.

By simply doing those 3 things, you'll be able to reduce the battery usage by at least half. Turning them off also helps your phone from overheating sometimes, and could possibly free up some processing power on your device. It's a Win-Win situation!

Turning off Bluetooth, GPS and Data Switch will help with battery life
Turning off Bluetooth, GPS and Data Switch will help with battery life

Install Power Saving Apps

There is literally an app for everything. And as it turns out, there's also an app for saving power! One app that stands out the most from the others is Greenify. Greenify works differently compared to other power saving apps. Instead of just turning killing apps, like some other power saving apps, Greenify "hides" the apps from Android. This means that Android won't be able to automatically start the apps that you select, which can increase your battery life. The process is called Greenifying. Try Greenifying apps that use GPS, Bluetooth and apps that automatically start. (eg: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp)

As a bonus, your phone should also be much more faster now with less apps running! Good on you!

Charging Tips

Over time and use, batteries lose the capability to keep charges. This means that when you charge them, the charge won't last as long as it used to. In order to prevent that from happening too early on your device, use these tips:

  • Unplug your phone once it's at 100%
  • Install DU Battery Saver, it has a "Safe Charge" feature that charges your device more efficiently.
  • Only charge your device when the battery is under 10%
  • Turn your device to airplane mode; this will charge it faster
  • Use the charger that you got with your device or a charger certified by your manufacturer

One Important Final Tip!

I have one last tip that will help significantly! This will apply to everybody's Android phone, and is very simple to do.

Just Turn off your WiFi.

It may not seem like it'll make much of a difference, but trust me, it will. WiFi uses about 20% of my battery. This will may a significant difference in your battery life. But what if you are too lazy or don't remember to turn off your WiFi? Well, there's an app that will turn it off for you! It's called iBattery. iBattery is very flexible and has many settings, so go ahead and play around with it! For instance, iBattery can automatically turn on your WiFi if you unlock you phone. Here's a link to the app on Google play store:

Final Thoughts

Before I leave, here are some final thoughts and tips.

  • If you absolutely can't get your battery to last longer, it's time to consider an upgrade
  • Turning your phone onto Airplane mode while charging will make it charge faster
  • When your phone power is very low, turn it onto Airplane mode
  • If you phone has a removeable battery, consider purchasing a replacement to use once the first battery runs out
  • I can't say this enough, TURN OFF THE WIFI! Doing so will increase your battery life significantly

Good luck!

Does your battery make it through the day without a charge?

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Example of a battery
Example of a battery | Source

" New batteries need an initial overnight charge." Is this TRUE or a MYTH?

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