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10 Best Free iOS7 Apps

Updated on January 18, 2014

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We present our list of 10 essential apps perfectly suited to iOS 7 redesigned to exploit the full potential of your iPhone. I have also listed best free android games of 2013.

The complete and official arrival of iOS 7 has been one of the moments most anticipated for users of Apple devices, after initial controversy over its image and design, the fact is that iOS 7 starts to appear as a robust and optimal than its predecessor. After the KeyNote Apple where Tim Cook and Company announced, among other interesting news, the massive and final implementation of its new operating system, many developers began to join this initiative, releasing new versions of their apps, redesigned exclusively for this new software. Here we share to you our list of 10 free apps perfectly suited to iOS 7


If you think it's too mainstream Instagram and filters available and you have fed, Aviary is the best alternative that you can get for your iPhone. In its new version for iOS 7 this app includes the new Supply Store where you'll find all the newest and most popular effects, frames, stickers Aviary, making it easy (and tempting) our impulse purchases , and includes new languages, such as Arabic, Turkish and Thai.

However, the main attraction of this update can be found in the deep redesign made on the app, making its use in an almost different, more agile and enjoyable experience, with really easy to share our photographs

Shazam 7

Strictly speaking, this application may not have been updated with anything and it would still be missed, however, with the release of iOS in July decided to make a couple of adjustments that maintain attractive and attractive polished this app. First, and as more obvious we have the visual redesign ties as proposed in the new operating system from Apple, but apart from that, now includes automatic reminders of the last songs labeled by the app as well as an extra feature to add mentions of places and people when we share a musical input via Facebook, we turning our melomanĂ­a in a more social experience.


This is a similar case. Shortly before the official release of iOS 7, the application was developed with a couple of new updates and thanks to that, it can now see the menus of restaurants in the vicinity, as well as make recommendations on background. For this new version 6.3, developments are just visually done with a revamped interface and some bugs fixed.


If we are in a healthy cross aimed at regaining our physical condition RunKeeper is one of the best free applications that can be obtained, however, one of the matters before distinguished, to a greater or lesser extent, this app was design graphic, returning a little tricky to make changes or monitoring if we were in the middle of our walk to trot, the new iOS version 7 has become the operation of agile implementation and also cleaned and improved the distribution of its elements. Some users have reported problems of access and faults in the program, making us hope that soon launch an even more careful version.


Flipboard, regardless of the version of iOS that has been handled, it has always remained as one of the essential applications for any user, its practicality is undeniable for those moments of leisure, and in the case of the version optimized for iOS 7 features lightweight but subtle adjustments that fully integrate with the new operating system without altering both its operation. Flipboard now has support for displaying the Parallax effect when displaying magazines and make transitions between pages also allows you to delete unwanted comments or to report inappropriate users also have fixed some bugs programming.


This is an application whose popularity has grown exponentially thanks to its simple approach to record vide * six seconds that you can share with your friends. By June, this app received an update mass, which overlaid operation, fully optimizing the user experience. Now with the advent of iOS 7, the old version produced serious connectivity issues, so its developers (the team of Twitter) have corrected this problem and pass redesigned part of its visual interface, leaving intact the rest of their functions.


This application is indispensable for amateurs and professionals in managing social networks. The most radical change in the HootSuite App is its visual appearance, thanks to its new redesign, which although is not style iOS 7, shown agile and light, now more focused content and a distribution that makes it easier to reading them. A change that will actually be appreciated.


Mailbox, even before the visual renewal iOS 7 has already own one of the most attractive visual interfaces, which has now been further polished with its latest update in this post management platform. Now, everything is lighter, faster and with greater focus on the most frequently used actions.


If Evernote was already an essential application now with its new iOS version 7, it has become more essential than ever with its facial treatment as the rest from the outlined is remarkable. The image is simpler and access to charges is more agile, all there on hand: Reminders, Quicknote and editor notes, plus the ability to synchronize everything with AirDrop. It's the best version ever existed in this program.


Yahoo's boys are half a serious process of change to the new direction of its CEO Marissa Mayer on finding a new approach to your image. So that took advantage of the release of iOS 7 for radically changing their mobile application, including the integration of its new logo, a harmonious visual aesthetics with the new operating system and a lot of new features that make it a central news almost indispensable, as it now is with a mixture of Evernote Tumblr, Instapaper and Reuters. It's worth a try.


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    • ssiddique profile imageAUTHOR

      Shahid Siddique 

      4 years ago from Kansas

      yes I do

    • profile image

      Do you know 

      4 years ago

      Do you know, you should always check image licence before using them in your post?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have used all of them but I liked foursquare. thanks for sharing.


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