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10 Essential WordPress Security Plugins for a Blog

Updated on August 13, 2014

How Secure is Your Blog?

How secure is your blog from malicious people? There are WordPress security plugins that will strengthen your blog's security. Hackers will find it difficult to hack your blog. It is recommendable that you protect your blog from all sorts of threats.

Some bloggers have been affected a lot as a result of their blogs being hacked. A hacker can make your blog to be unusable for some time until you fix it or he can hack it to steal important information such as your client's personal information. Your blog will also lose its content that took you days write and publish if it is hacked.

There are also some hackers (Grey hat hackers) who just hack a blog or website to notify the owner that his blog or website has got some security weaknesses. However, you should not wait for your blog to be hacked by hackers so that you take a step to secure it.

WordPress security plugins will help you to protect your blog's reputation and also to ensure that your visitors don't get disappointed due to your blog being usable as a result of it being hacked.

You might tend to think that hacking only happens to other bloggers and not you, but beware that if you’re not using WordPress security plugins to secure your blog, then it is vulnerable to be hacked.

Don't take chances; protect your WordPress blog!

If you have just started blogging and you have no clue on how you'll secure your WordPress blog, I'm going to enlighten you on ten essential WordPress security plugins that you can choose from to secure your blog from potential threats.

Ten WordPress Security Plugins

1.) WP Security Plugin

After installing this WordPress security plugin, it will begin to directly scan all the folders to detect security threats.

It checks for any loopholes and outdated plugins thereafter it provides a list of things you need to do to secure your blog.

2.) Login Lockdown

This WordPress security plugin blocks access to your blog in case someone enters the wrong password several times. A common technique used by hackers to hack blogs and websites is to try several passwords over and over until something works.

Login lockdown will block access after certain number of wrong attempts. It's a simple plugin that enhances WordPress security and its worth installing because it makes sure any intruder is locked out.

3.) 6Scan Security

This is among the newest and the best WordPress security plugins. It gives an automated protection to your blog from any possible threats.

It has a scanner which goes beyond the guideline based protection of other WordPress security plugins. With this, it enforces active penetration testing algorithms to locate any vulnerability in your blog.

4.) Wordfence

Wordfence is among the newer WordPress security plugins. However, its popularity has moved so fast. The greatest feature of this plugin is that it compares the WordPress core files on your installation and the plugin theme with the official version in the WordPress repository. In case there is any mismatch, the plugin will send you an email.

5.) BulletProof Security

The interface of this WordPress security plugin may seem intimidating at the first glance, but after getting through the process and configuring it, your blog will be protected to the highest degree. Important files like .htsccess will be locked.

6.) WordPress Firewall 2

Windows Firewall 2 enhances WordPress security by doing a strict inspection to all the incoming traffic to check whether any of them has malicious requests or tries to manipulate your blog's data in its database.

7.) HTTPS for WordPress

HTTPS for WordPress plugin encrypts everything that is sent to and from your blog including your username and password details. Normally, usernames and passwords are broadcasted out in the open, this means if you connect to any public WiFi, anyone on that network can easily intercept your log in details.

In such situations, this HTTPS plugin will force you to use HTTPS when logging to your blog and thus keeps your password from prying eyes. Your Blog's WordPress security is therefore enhanced by this plugin.

8.) iThemes Security (Better WordPress Security)

This is "all-in-one" WordPress security plugin. It consists of best security methods and features rolled into one plugin. It makes sure that several security glitches are treated effectively without affecting any of the WordPress features. It also makes sure that there are no missing elements in your bog.

9.) Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Sucuri is more than a Wordpress security plugin though it is one of least-known products. This plugin adds malware file scanning and web application firewall to your blog.

The web application firewall communicates with sucuri servers, thus if your blog is under some attack from certain source of IP addresses, they can be prevented across the network instantly.

10.) Login Security Solution

With this WordPress security plugin, the password strength is reinforced. Also you can log out sessions automatically. Another outstanding feature of Login Security Solution is that it slows down the response time instead of locking out IP addresses of brute force attackers.

If you want your blog to be secure all the time, then you're required to consider the aforementioned plugins. Generally, the best WordPress security plugin offers amazing help for your blog when it comes to protection it against series of attacks.

You need to ensure that your blog's security plugins are updated for them to work effectively. Furthermore, you should also be responsible for overall security of your blog.

Always remember that WordPress will boost the security of your blog provided that you keep it updated.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 3 years ago from Kenya

      @Radcliff, thanks for reading this hub and appreciating it.

    • Radcliff profile image

      Liz Davis 3 years ago from Hudson, FL

      This is great information. We often have the "it won't happen to me" attitude when it comes to hacking. Thank you! -Liz