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7 Features in the iPhone 7 (hopefully)

Updated on July 10, 2016

No Headphone Jack

That's right the headphone jack that has been in every IPhone so far could be leaving and be replaced by duel speakers. This means that Apple will be including wireless in-ear headphones or selling an adaptor so you listed to music through the lightning port. However they will not be including in-ear headphones you plug into the lightning port.

2 IPhones will be released

Firstly the standard IPhone 7 will be released along with the IPhone 7 +/pro. The IPhone 7 +/pro will firstly be bigger, it should have a duel lens camera and the 250gb phone could be over $1000!

A new colour will be added

There is going to be a new space black colour to replace the space Gray added to both the IPhone 7 and 7+/pro.

No home button

Apple has had the home button for the past 10 IPhones and most years its been rumoured that its going. Could this be the year it finally does?

Water proof/Water resistant

The IPhone has gradually become more and more water resistant and with Samsung making the Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof Apple could be trying to do the same. If my last points are true and the headphone jack and the home button are going than it would defentaty help as it is one less port for the water to get into.


Apple will be dropping the 16gb of base storage for 32gb for the iphone 7, but for the 7+/pro they could be dropping the 32gb for the 64gb. In both the top storage will be 256gb.


The IPhone 7 and 7+/pro are both coming out in just under 3 months so that means that they have begun production for them. However, they are both being made at separate facility.

Thank you for reading and please do remember that these are only rumours and are not definite.

Duel speaker
Duel speaker | Source
Duel camera
Duel camera | Source
New space black colour
New space black colour | Source

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