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10 Funny Pages On Facebook

Updated on April 21, 2012

Making funny pages on Facebook has been a great achievement for many. Whether the page makes a strong statement, promotes a certain point of view, or is just there to bewilder its viewers, such a page could definitely generate great amounts of laughter.

It seems that the numbers of these random funny pages has been increasing rapidly since day one. Needless to say, many of these are poorly thought out, would even be completely meaningless to a creative genius, and are named with the most ridiculous typos. Yet amongst all of this Facebook clutter there have arisen some household favourites.

For the small niche of funny pages on Facebook that are actually worth a glimpse, success has been a triumph. A blazing popularity contest is now in full swing and the competition is quite a joke in itself. But this is a joke that almost every Facebook user has proudly been a part of and these occasionally superior funny pages on Facebook are being churned out constantly.

Becoming a Fan for Funny Pages on Facebook

To save you some troublesome searching and mind boggled head scratching, here is a fine selection of 10 Facebook favourites that either far exceed or just about scrape the pass mark. Decide for yourself on what’s hot and what’s not, but before you get too judgemental... smile!

10 Funny Pages On Facebook

...Speaks for itself.

I did this in school and I enjoyed it. ...So there.

This brings back some silly thoughts. It’s one of those spontaneous things that people are doing all over the world at any given second.

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to have enough action scenes in it. So F.Y.I. if you want something done, D.I.Y. Who of you is going to rise to the next Indiana Jones challenge and who of you will get their foot stuck? I for one will be keeping my eyes open!

There’s actually a simple knack to fixing this, but it’s not worth an explanation any longer than this sentence.

It’s so true. I hate being caught staring, especially when she gets the wrong idea...

She either broke a rather big promise and caused uproar, or alternatively caused an even bigger uproar.

Last checked – 101 likes. I feel bad for any hope that the guy used to have. If the glorious day arrived however, this would definitely be one of the most funny pages on Facebook.

Enough said.

Would you have guessed that they mean this quite literally?

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 10 funny pages on Facebook. Facebook brings us together and together we are powerful. With such power we can influence the lives of many and reach out to the masses with heartfelt compassion. On the other hand though, we can make some really funny pages on Facebook and see how many likes they can get. On your marks! Get set!...


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    • Infobrowser profile image

      Infobrowser 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for your comments. I find that facebook page particularly funny too.

    • Pankaj_dc profile image

      Pankaj Chobharkar 5 years ago from India

      STOP MOVING!! I need to read your shirt! is the clear winner!

      thanks for the hub..

    • ShadowBaby profile image

      ShadowBaby 6 years ago

      This made me laugh. Most of it is so true.