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10 Gadgets That Really Should Be Obsolete By Now but still hanging around

Updated on June 2, 2016

There are so many gadgets and technologies that seemed earlier as a social main-stay but you simply don’t need them now.

Evolution is a must, we all evolve, and so do our gadgets and devices. All of our electronic gadgets reduce in size, run faster and get more potent with changing times and technological innovation. At the same pace older versions become archaic and obsolete. Let’s have a look at our pick of the 10 potentially obsolete electronic gadgets that just won’t die, although its time they perhaps should…

1) Age old CD-ROMs:

CD-ROM’s are slower than the now in use USB flash drives, also direct cable connections are harder to set up. Hence, USB flash drives have taken them over as they are speedier, rewritable and easily recognizable amongst all sorts of devices. They are global they are everywhere but they are also in-apt and barely in use.

2) Good riddance Optical Discs:

Optical discs are ever present be it music, movies, games or computer software. They are sensitive, they easily store large chunks of data but are also easily destroyed. They skip, they stutter and take ages to load. With the advent of iPods, flash media, digital music players, iCloud etc. have tremendously pushed this add-on necessity far out of the race.

3) Alarm clocks NO MORE:

The “SMART PHONE STORM” has long wiped out the bizarre ringing, irksome horrendous sound of an alarm clock. They have become irrelevant since the same function can effortlessly be performed by an alarm clock. Why should someone spend on an alarm clock when you have an expensive smart phone, doesn’t make sense does it?

4) PAPER MAPS, Anyone?

Paper maps have been guiding our forefathers for centuries; even Christopher Columbus used it in his escapades. However, ever since GPS units enabled smart phones to navigate across the Sphere the sales for paper maps have been declining, although the charm of an old world paper map, even if its badly folded, still remains.

5) Dial=up internet services:

These days very few percentage of people still use dial-up services as most of them have already switched over high speed broadband access, through which you are able to stream audio and visuals to multiple HDTVs and your computer simultaneously.

6) Pocket-sized cameras:

Pocket cameras are excelling at quality nowadays but at the same time is also becoming enormously excessive as these have also fallen prey to the all-encompassing smart phones.

7) Personal Digital Assistants:

PDA’a or personal digital assistants were once a rage as they stored voice memos, note talking, and calendars but now they have become an excessive accessory as smart phones have their own personal assistants such as SIRI in iPhone.

8) Belt Clipper Pager:

They also were once termed as the NEXT BEST THING but if you use them now, people might perceive you as a blast from the past however they might just perform better in certain conditions even more efficiently than the internet.

9) The good old VHS tape:

The old CASSETTE is well on way of the obsolete 8-track however, they are not quite dead yet, people still buy it but why it is still unknown. Maybe these cassettes are more in use at rural areas where access options are quite limited.

10) Landline Phones:

Land line or ground connected phones have managed to connect people around the world for ages but since the advent of cellular and wireless technologies their purpose seemed to have lost in transition. Most people use cell phones and just don’t seem to see the point in paying for both the connections.


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