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Ten Of The Coolest Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Updated on February 26, 2014
The Galaxy S4 Launch event showed off a lot of these features
The Galaxy S4 Launch event showed off a lot of these features

Samsung have already established themselves as a high end technological leader, particularly in the realm of smart phones and tablets. From the Samsung Galaxy Note to the Samsung Galaxy S4 they are constantly putting out end end smart phone devices which push the boundaries of personal technology. The days of phones simply being a means to make calls and send text messages are over, as many phones give users the ability to control almost every aspect of their everyday lives from the palm of their hands.

The recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of people looking forward into the future, but for those of you like me who don't always have the income to be shelling out for a brand new phone, the Galaxy S4 might have to do for now. That's alright, because it is a fantastic phone and has enough forward thinking power to stay relevant for quite some time. Plus it has a lot of tips for the galaxy S4 that users are not even aware of. So let's take a look at some of the coolest Galaxy S4 features to ensure that we all get the most out of our hard earned money.

Smart Scroll

One of the coolest Galaxy S4 features that is often underused due to the slight learning curve, is the smart scroll feature which utilizes the front sensor to scroll content on webpages or email applications up and down based on where your eyes are looking. Essentially by tilting your head down very slightly, the content will scroll down and vice versa. There is a learning curve to the feature, and it is not quite perfect for quick everyday browsing, but if you're using your galaxy as an e-reader and are sitting in a consistent spot for longer period, it becomes a really awesome little trick. Like most of the S4 features, it can be turned on or off easily in the settings menu.

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Air Browse

Another fantastic use of the S4 front sensor is the ability to 'air browse' or as I like to call it 'air swipe' through content such as your photo gallery just by swiping your hand or fingers in front of your phone in the direction you'd like to browse. It works really well and is a really neat little trick. But many people ask why would you not just touch the screen, and what use is it really? Well here is one great example: You're reading a recipe on your phone while cooking in the kitchen, and want to move to the next step in the slideshow, but there is food all over your fingers. The S4 has you covered!


There are a lot of health and fitness apps out there right now, but one of the built in Galaxy S4 features is the pre-loaded 'S Health' Application. It is similar to many others out there, but it does a great job of simplifying things like food and workout entry, and maintaining an extensive and easy to reference history, while counting calories and monitoring weight. Then there is the cool step count feature, which uses your phone to count your steps while you walk and add them to your totals for the day. Plus when you combine it with the amazing Samsung Galaxy Gear watch you really do have a full service personal fitness application.

The S Health App is one of the best out there
The S Health App is one of the best out there

Lock Screen Camera

You'll be noticing that the S4 Camera has received a few mentions, and rightfully so because of a variety of innovative additions. One more is the new ability to access the camera in basic form while on the lock screen. This is really useful for the times when you need to take a photograph really quickly, and don't have time to enter a long password and open the application. It might seen a little gimmicky but you'll be surprised how often this comes in handy, especially if you're an adventurous person that travels or finds themselves in unusual and unexpected situations.

S-Beam TV Remote

I am a huge movie and television fan, and an avid watcher of a massive collection of shows. But I also lead a busy lifestyle, and often forget what shows are on each night and what channel numbers to search for. If you combine that with the pains of losing the remote (we all do it!) the new ability to control your TV and other electronics using the S4 is fantastic. It also keeps history of your favorite shows and let's you know when they're on, allowing you to switch to them at a moments notice. It can do the same for other services like Netflix and has a lot of other cool features that are worth checking out.

Dual Screen Apps

One of the features that Samsung appears to be pushing across a lot of its devices is the ability to multitask using a dual screen system, allowing you to run two apps at the same time. This is no small feat, and requires a powerful device, but Samsung has done a great job of it. I find myself watching a Youtube video while browsing the internet at the same time. This is great for all the multitasking people such as myself, and is a feature that still has room to be improved.

A screenshot I took of me watching a video and surfing the web!
A screenshot I took of me watching a video and surfing the web!

Photo Eraser

Have you ever taken what you think is a perfect photo, with all your friends together, and then found out later that some clown in the back of the room had photo bombed your shot? Well, one of the Galaxy S4 camera features that Samsung included in this years package is the ability to erase that pesky photo bomber in the background or the car that zipped by your shot of the city. It is a work in progress, but just make sure you have eraser mode turned on when you think you might need it, and you'll see how it does a pretty good job of ensuring that perfect shot.

Galaxy S4 Camera Features

If you read up you'll see that the Galaxy S4 camera specs are amazing, but here is a list of some of the best S4 Camera features:

  • Lock Screen Camera - quick and easy photos.
  • Photo eraser - delete that photo bomber
  • Drama shots - quick snap action shots
  • Sound shot - record audio with a photo
  • Dual Camera - photo front and back simultaneously

Hover Preview

One of my personal favorite S4 features is the hover preview, which works in a variety of areas including the Calender, web browsing and certain email applications. With cell phones being limited in space, most apps like these can't show as much text as is actually needed, and you spend a lot of time clicking in and out. However, with the S4, just by hovering over an email or calendar entry, a nifty preview will pop up on the screen, with more information. It is a really cool feature, and one that we will likely see a lot more of on future devices.

Smart Pause

Another neat use of the Samsung Galaxy S4's sensors is the smart pause functionality, which works by automatically pausing a video when the viewer looks away from it. This works pretty well and in those situations when you are trying to watch a video but keep facing constant distractions it saves you having to constantly click the screen or the pause button, which can be quite tricky on some less user friendly video applications.

Check out Samsung's Official S4 Video


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