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10 Reasons Why Codecademy is Great

Updated on January 3, 2014

Codecademy Rules!

When I started interning for the company I work for now, my boss told me to go to something called Codecademy to learn how to code. I was a nervous to try any coding thing at all because I had never programmed anything before in my life, and I had no idea where to start. And here is where my praising of Codecademy begins.

There are several things that separate Codecademy from other coding learning sites. Some ask you pay a certain amount to use them, some show videos and don’t let you learn with hands on coding, and with other free sites, there are a fairly limited about of how much you can learn.

1. Free

Codecademy is a site where you can learn to code free of charge, or, a vocabulary word I learned at work, open source. I personally don’t like to spend money when I don’t need to, and something I like even better is when the free product is better than something you would pay for. If you are a college student (like myself), who wants a good, free way to learn how to code, this is the perfect place to do it. This isn’t one of those sites where you only have a trial period then have to pay for it. It is all for free.

2. At your own pace

You don’t have a certain amount of time to complete a task or any of that business. The lessons in Codecademy allow you to learn and go through the lessons at your own pace without the pressure of a clock. If you are a slower leaner or like to take notes, you can feel free to take your time in whatever sections you wish. If you are more of a fast learner, you can fly through the lessons with no problems.

3. Hands on experience

There are tutorials I’ve gone through that are purely read-through. Sure you can read what information the article may have, use it once, and then forget about it, and have to end up searching for it again because you could not retain the information it gave you. That’s just another reason why Codecademy is great, because it forces you to do it on your own. Granted, it isn’t all that fun at first, but the objectives are short, and it makes you remember lessons better because you did them yourself.

4. A good teacher

Codecademy assumes you know absolutely nothing about coding like I did and teaching you from the bare bones beginning, starting off with HTML and increasing difficulty and things it asks you to do as the lessons go on. The lesson will not continue unless you do everything EXACTLY as it tells you to, which is a lot how real coding works, as I’ve learned at my job. You end up catching onto habits that will only help you when you start to code on your own, including proper indentation and the next point…

A randomly generated profile picture in Codecademy
A randomly generated profile picture in Codecademy

5. Teaches you debugging

For those who don’t know, debugging is a term that means to find the problem in your code that is stopping it from running properly. As I stated in the previous point, the lesson does not allow you to continue unless you write the code perfectly (Although, there is the option to skip the lesson if you know it already or just don’t want to deal with it). Since the lessons cover a little every time, it usually is very easy to find out what you typed in incorrectly or find what you left out.

6. Helps you if you’re stuck

Whenever you click the Submit button to go on the next lesson, if you did something wrong, it gives you a little shove in the right direction, asking you if you checked one thing in particular. Along with the helpful error messages, there is a discussion board you can go to if you are stuck and ask about a particular lesson. More often than not, you won’t have to ask the question and wait for an answer because someone will ahev already asked that question and been given a helpful answer.

7. Let’s you share your knowledge

With the question forums, you can ask the more experienced people if you are stuck with a section. You can also answer the question if you become a seasoned coder, or just remember that lesson and want to help out someone new to the whole thing. By teaching, you retain things better, and you also help someone in need of a nudge in the right direction.

8. Thorough and extensive lessons

It goes through the ins and outs of a certain coding language through the numerous lessons available to you (again, for free). The lessons go through the languages, covering the nearly every little thing you need to know. Then you go through a faux project, making your own website or profile page at the end of a section. At the end of each section, you get a badge for completing it, and points too add. Who doesn’t like a point system to give you incentive to keep going?

9. Various languages

For an open source learning site, it gives you quite a bit to explore, like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Other sites I’ve checked out have those three and that’s basically it. Codecademy has quite a few more things to do than just those three. It has Python, Ruby, PHP, and jQuery. Not only that, but it allows you to make your options projects, like websites and making APIs. It also provides more projects for you to get more hands on experience and application to things that will help you in the real coding world.

10. Easy to navigate

There are some sites I’ve been to that I couldn’t even figure out where to go for a next lesson because there were so many buttons that weren’t properly labeled, or I couldn’t find out how to get to my profile because I had to jump through a few hoops first. Codecademy is easy to get around with a nice, spacious and modern design that help you get through the lessons and learn how to code like a pro.

A Word From the Co-Founders

I have been through Codecademy, and I am in the process of finishing HTML completely, and going through Javascript, even though I have been a member of Codecademy for about half a year now.

Just as a personal aside, I think there are not as many people in coding as there could be because people generally either have no idea what it is, or it's intimidating because it's a whole new field of work. Coding hasn't been around for that long, and this line of work is continuing to expand and grow, and coding with Codecademy is a very wise investment for anyone in any field, even if it's just to learn the basics of coding itself.

Have I convinced you to give Codecademy a shot?

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    • LiveLoveWrite18 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      It absolutely can, and I wish you the best in learning the language! If you are a beginning programmer, learning python is a great place to start :-)

    • CWanamaker profile image


      4 years ago from Arizona

      Interesting! I have never heard of Codeacademy before. I really want to become proficient using Python. I know very little right now but perhaps Codeacademy can help me out.


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