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8 Reasons Why New Apple MacBook is Must Have for Designers

Updated on April 18, 2015

Apple has always pleased its consumers. The company always innovates something creative and eye captivating with brilliance performance. Anything you buy from Apple ought to be amazing both in quality and design. The MacBook series of Apple is a lovely ride and people have cherished it thoroughly. It has left the buyers satisfied and now the 12 inch retina MacBook is set to make its place in people’s life. The new MacBook will be off to meet the world in April and Apple promises that people will love this creation also.

It is heard that Apple’s new MacBook is a must buy for all the designers. But the question arises that why is this so? However, we will answer this query for all the designers and people who are curious to investigate about it. We have enlisted 8 reasons why new Apple MacBook is must have for designers. What is it about this new MacBook that it attracts the designers towards it? What features ought to appeal a designer? Let’s found out why and what will make all the designers crazy about this innovation of Apple.

1. Design:

Design is what attracts the designers and this what the New Apple MacBook is giving to all the designers. A slim and endearing outlook which is alluring for everyone and is a must have for all the designers. The 12 inch retina display adds to its beauty with a resolution of 2304x1440 pixels. The display of the MacBook makes it a great gadget to be possessed by a designer.

2. Fast:

This is one of the 8 reasons why the new Apple MacBook is must have for designers. As designers have to create things and as soon as they create it, they need to put down their ideas to work. This is where the new MacBook is ready to help them. If you want to read more about similar lists on gadgets and other general categories then you might want to visit the source blog for this article as well TopTensCentral, now coming back to the topic new Macbook is not as fast as MacBook Pro but comes with an Intel Core M Processor. The variations of the chip of this processor have been checked and are stated to be quite powerful.

3. Battery Time:

The new MacBook promises to deliver 35% extra battery timing than the previous one. This means that all the designers can keep in touch with their work throughout and the fear of battery running out, wont ruin their day or work. The display of the MacBook is created in such a way that it will consume 30% less battery with the auto brightness. You can browse wireless for up till 9 hours continuous and 10 hours for iTunes movie playback.

4. Force Touch Trackpad:

The force touch trackpad can tell the difference between a click and a tap. It is pressure sensitive so it can tell how hard you are actually processing. But you don’t need to focus a lot on it as it will click even if you slightly tap it below the bottom line even. This means that even when you are working in a hurry, you won’t be finding yourself focusing on your clicks and wasting time.

5. Keyboard:

The keyboard of the New MacBook uses the butterfly mechanism and is 40% thinner than the previous one. The space between each key is smaller and the keys have been increased in size. This helps improve accuracy and will provide you a feeling of touchscreen also. This will add to the accuracy of a designer’s work also and the thinner keyboard will add to their wellness list.

6. Design:

The new 12 inch retina MacBook is said to be surprising us with a Gold finish like that of iPhone. It has a unique design which is obviously a fair enough attracting feature for all the designers. It is available in Grey and Golden also.

7. USB Type C:

This is the first MacBook which supports USB Type C port. It is a much advanced USB port and now Apple has laid its eyes on it. It has a power voltage of 20 and is quite thinner than its predecessors. Moreover, it is reversible just like the Lightning cable so you don’t need to force it in upside down.

8. Accessories:

Various beautiful and attractive accessories of MacBook are also available along with it. This means that designers can accessories their MacBook according to their desire. However, its accessories are not yet available online for purchase but will be as soon as it is out for sale, which hoped in the coming month.

macbook was also ranked first in the list of best gadgets for moms in 2015 for mother's day.


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