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10 Reddit Subreddits You Can Promote Your Indie Game to Get More Views & Installs

Updated on December 29, 2017


When I first started off creating flash games and android games I would have so much trouble getting views and installs.Then I searched up the net to find ways to promote my games and I found this site called Reddit where there are a lot subreddits that allow to post your new games in to promote your games.Below are the ten links.


Game Dev

You can post your game here but make sure to comment and engage with other posts in the subreddit

Indie Dev

You can post your screenshots,dev news & your games here.

Play My Game

Specially made for developers to let other people try out your games and give feedback

Indie Game Development

Another place where you post developer related posts and make game announcements

Web Games

Specially made for developers to post their flash ,html5 & other web games

Flash Games

Very similar to web games subreddit.Specially made for developers to post their flash ,html5 & other web games.

Android Dev

You can post your android games and apps here and also anything related to android development

Android Gaming

This is a subreddit specially made for android gaming where you can post android games you have created


You can promote anything from games,videos & articles

Lets Play My Game

Place where you can post your created games and other people in the subreddit will try out your game and give feedback


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