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10 Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Updated on January 28, 2017
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The author is an undergrad electrical engineering student continually facing challenging doses of higher engineering mathematics!

Everyone wants to use their batteries for as long as possible and in a way that yields greatest backup time. The following tips will help you to enhance and increase the backup time as well as the shelf life of your laptop batteries. These tips will greatly increase the battery life of you laptops and they are very simple to apply.


First of all you need to understand that battery capacity itself cannot be increased. Batteries normally decrease in back-up time by 4-10% per year, so don't get offended by the reduced capacity of your old battery.

However there are ways in which we can use the available battery capacity in the most efficient possible way.

  • Never keep your Laptop on A/C power when not in use. This will overcharge the battery and cause irreversible damage in the form of reduced backup time (while most of the new battery chargers automatically turn off the charge when battery is full some old ones keep on charging the battery).
  • Use "Minimal Power Management" Scheme when running on batteries. This greatly maximizes the backup time. To enable minimal power management scheme go to control panel and select power options their you will find a list of power schemes so select minimal power management from there.
  • Reduce the brightness and contrast of your LCD screen, LCD screens consume less power when working under low brightness and contrast conditions.
  • Use low screen resolution to reduce stress on video card. It will get less heated and hence use less power. Its cooling fans will also use less power.
  • Keep the temperature of your notebook low. Working on beds and pillows increases heat build up by restricting air flow. Heat build up puts extra stress on electronic components and causes the electrodes in battery to react with electrolyte permanently lowering capacity. Cooling fans inside laptop also use extra energy when working in high temperatures.
  • Mute system volume and avoid using sound. Because power used by the speaker could be used to sustain more vital system components for a little longer.
  • Disconnect any extra peripherals connected to your laptop, e.g keyboard, mouse, headphones and other usb devices. After all they are drawing valuable power from the battery quickly.
  • Use an extended battery like the one pictured. They are expensive but they deliver nearly double the back-up time. You will save on the cost if you purchase an extended battery compared to purchasing two separate batteries.

Extended Li-ion Battery
Extended Li-ion Battery | Source

  • Disable any system devices you normally do not use. e.g wireless modems, card readers, DVD Rom or webcams. They can be disabled from the device manager in the control panel. This will conserve precious bits of energy during boot up as a minimum number of devices will be invoked also you will boot up faster.
  • Fully charge and discharge your battery after every 30 charges. This keeps the battery healthy and running.
  • Use an adjustable voltage charger. A voltage of 4.2V per cell increases capacity and a voltage of 3.9 ensures long life. Higher charge voltages boost battery capacity but compromise on life and safety.

© 2012 StormsHalted


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    • Aroosa Hermosa profile image

      Aroosa Hermosa 20 months ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      If I would have known this....

      laptop, I'm using would have never died lol.

    • profile image

      Yousuf Mahtab 21 months ago

      Very well written...very useful information. Keep it up....

    • alikhan3 profile image

      StormsHalted 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      Thank you for your feed back.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      I found some useful information that may help me extend the life of my laptop battery. Thanks for sharing this with HP readers. I like the way you numbered each tip and used bold print to emphasize the most important sentence or phrase of each.

      Voted Up, Useful and Interesting



    • ramkimeena profile image

      ramkimeena 5 years ago from India

      good and useful article. A computer buff like me will like it. Congratulations.