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10 Youtube Channels to Brighten Your Day

Updated on March 20, 2017


Youtube. A place where you can find videos of pretty much anything. Humor, video game walkthroughs, makeup tutorials, memes, music videos, funny videos, and many others can be found on this website. There are many people part of this website, most of which upload for fun. Others actually use Youtube to earn money, as a job.

Today, we are going to focus on the gameplay side of Youtube, with a side of humor added into these personalities.


First up, Markiplier. He is one of the most well known personalities on Youtube. Mark is a very humorous, generous person, and gets very emotional when his fans make videos and fan art for him. His videos vary from horror games, to some random games and live action skits. Even when he is sick, he records videos, even after people tell him he needs to rest. He uploads daily, and his main goal is to make people laugh and smile. Mark has done several live streams to raise money for charity, and works with the Make a Wish Foundation to meet fans. An all around great guy.


Now time for the loud, high spirited, Irish Youtuber, Jacksepticeye. Sean, known as Jack, is a very humble, happy person and constantly tells his viewers to not thank him for the content he makes, instead thanking his viewers. Jack plays a wide variety of games from indie to story based, and uploads two videos a day, which is some serious commitment. Almost all his videos have some sort of humor involved, and he has done some live action skit videos. He's also collaborated with several other channels and charity live streams.

Mini Ladd

A happy, silly, British Youtuber, Mini Ladd is pretty much all about humor. Mini Ladd, Craig, plays a lot of Cards Against Humanity, among other games and ask mini videos. He has done some vlogs as well, and has a great personality. His humor varies, and the dirty humor really comes out in the card videos. His videos can definitely improve your mood and make you laugh.

Dooley Noted

A game channel run by Jeremy Dooley of Achievement Hunter, his channel mainly has small game play videos and stream highlights. There are also songs he's written himself on his channel. During his game plays, he tends to get very sassy and weird, with quite a bit of humor. He also has mentioned how much he loves fan interaction and tends to show off different fan art at the beginning of some of his videos.

Vanoss Gaming

Vanoss, real name Evan, does not do regular game play videos. He tends to play mainly multiplayer games, and mess around in them with his friends, mainly Grand Theft Auto and Gmod. Most of his videos are filled with humor, bad jokes and teasing of his friends. He has posted very few personal videos.

Achievement Hunter/ Let's Play

Both of these channels are run by the same people pretty much. A great group of people who play games and do stupid things. They explore different series and some how manage to mess up whatever they planned to do, mainly in Grand Theft Auto. They have a long running Minecraft series, VR the Champions, AHWU, Play Pals, Let's Watch, and some other silly videos involving messing with each other. You can easily find a video to watch that will make you laugh.

H2O Delirious

Delirious does a good variety of games, ranging from multiplayer to single player. He frequents the horror genre as well. Unlike other popular personalities, Delirious has never show his face in any video. He is mainly recognized by the Jason mask that his Grand Theft Auto character wears, and is easily heard thanks to his clown like laugh.


Run by Ryan and Matt, who used to be part of Cyndago and even worked for Markiplier. After a while, they decided to go off on their own and make this channel. They cover a very wide variety of games, from old school classics to newer games. They have a very dark sense of humor and make jokes about everything. They tend to just joke around and not play games properly, mainly the one shot games they do.


A channel run by Brad, who mainly does full game walkthroughs. He is not as loud and in your face as some other personalities, but goes for a more relaxed gaming style. Brad has also done a few one episode reviews of games, just to see the reaction and how the game is. He doesn't really use face cam with his videos.


Finally, the polite British Youtuber Yamimash. Yami mainly covers the horror genre of games. He became known for focusing on the Five Nights at Freddys series, and playing fan spin offs of it. This caused his audience to get a bit irritated with him and they urged him to play other games not related to the franchise. He has since listened and plays other horror games. The humor here comes from how easily freaked out he gets in some games, as well as some of the jokes he makes.

Need a Smile?

All of these channels can easily put a smile on your face, even if your having a pretty rough day. I've heard a lot of fans comment how watching these channels has saved them and helped them get through tough times in their lives. Even though they all seem similar, each channel has its own difference and charm. Be sure to check them out and find what you like.


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