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10 best and genuine ways to get more twitter followers

Updated on May 9, 2011

Why people wants to get more twitter followers ?

Let us first see the statistics of twitter before going to the above question.

1.There are nearly 150 million twitter accounts.

2.Twitter search engine gets 600 million queries every day

3.Twitter getting 40% US traffic and 60% international traffic.39% traffic is from Japan.

4.Nearly 700 tweets per second.

5.Huge traffic observed on Sundays and Tuesdays.

These stats tells the story.Every blog or website owner wants to use and capitalize this twitter traffic.He/She can use this to generate more traffic to his blog or website.More traffic means more money.

This will become easy only when there are more number of followers.I can say that this is not only reason but I can say this is the main reason.

There are many websites that says guaranteed twitter followers or Facebook fans if you signup with those sites.Some sites are free some are paid.Here I am not going to discuss those methods.I am going to give 10 simple methods that can be adopted easily.

1.Start Following:

The first thing yo have to start with is to start following.If you start following others probably they will also follow you.Even the twitter stats also tell the same story.For more than 80% people Number of followers and number of people they are following is almost same.Start now following people.Start following with a bundle of people.

Be cautious.Don't follow every one.Try to find like minded people and people with same hobbies and follow them.Simply yo can call this as follower exchange.

2.Start Quitting:

After one or two days of following start un follow the people who are not following you, and start following other.You may get a question that why should I un follow them.Because Twitter will allows you to follow more than 2000 people only if you have nearer to that number of followers.By keeping this in mind select wisely while you are following and un following.

3.Respond to top user tweets:

Find top users with good number of followers on twitter and respond to their tweets.After one or two times they may respond you back.So you will get noticed by all their followers and they may have a look into your profile.

Try to ask top users some doubts so that they may respond you back.Remember that don't ask doubts that they can't answer.

4.Tweet Frequently:

Tweet frequently.The best way to attract many followers is to tweet on popular ,interesting and the subject representing current trend is the best way.Give useful and good tips.Give links to good stuff.If your tweets are useful they will follow you and never quit.

The best way to attract many users is to tweet on more subjects as well as different subjects.

5.Make your profile attractive:

Actually this should be the first one.Try to make your profile attractive ,different one and interesting by adding valuable stuff. Empty or incomplete profile may not attract many people.Make your profile public regularly so that others will find you.

6.Use other social media:

Try to share your user name frequently on other social media like my space ,Facebook ,Orkut and Blogs and Forums.Try to answer user questions on forums,answering sites like Yahoo Answers and will be mutually helpful.If they like your answer they may probably follow you.

7.Respond to your follower tweets:

This also one of the good idea.With this you can keep your followers with you as well as you can attract their followers also. Re tweeting is also a best way to keep our followers with us.Be choosy while re tweeting because your topic should help your followers.

8.Be active on Tuesdays ,Fridays and Sndays:

Twitter is getting more traffic on Tuesdays ,Fridays as well as Sundays.So ,be active on those days.As more active users on those days so the great chance to attract many users.

9.Add Twitter Badge to your Blog/Website:

Add your twitter account details to your Email signature.Your account details will be distributed with every email you send.One more good way is to add twitter badge to your blog or Website.

10.Use business cards ,online twitter groups etc.:

Print your twitter url on your business card and distribute.Join in a twitter online group.In this online groups you will find peoples who are using twitter and people who are also looking for followers.

Please remember to be patient.Unless you are a celebrity you will not get followers immediately.Try to apply all the tips and you will find the result soon.Your comments are always invited.


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