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10 Cool Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Android

Updated on October 27, 2016

Most of you might be aware of the fact that iOS can do a lot of amazing things, but let me tell you that Android is not lagging behind either. There are a lot of unbelievable things or amazing features that are hidden under its hood.

Let’s have a quick roundup of 10 incredible things that you can do with your Android. While we make use of Android smartphones every day for the same functions, these cool hidden capabilities will turn your Android into the ultimate device ever.

Lock your Android remotely

Take your Android security to the next level. If you lost your smartphone then you can anytime remotely lock or wipe off your Android data using Android Device Manager so that no one can peep into your smartphone data. It is a handy service that even lets you ring your Android aloud for an alert or lock it through your Gmail account.

This Android feature is really easy to implement. You can enable it by opening the Android Device Manager and then checking the options to remotely locate your device.

Type by swiping

Drag your finger from letter to letter and compose messages the way you want. With Gesture Typing, you can conveniently form messages on your Android smartphone. As you slide your finger on the letters, Gesture Typing does its best job to guess the word for you and fortunately, its best guess is typically quite correct.

Voice search even when the display is inactive

Most of you might not be known to the fact that some Android smartphones allow you to voice search anything according to your need with the “OK Google” even when the screen is off. To check whether your Android is able to perform the function simply navigate to Google Settings > Search > Voice > Ok Google Detection, and then tap on the Always ON option.

Before using the feature, keep in mind that you’ll have to first train Google to recognize your voice. In case your Android does not support the feature, it will show ‘From any screen’ rather than ‘Always on’.

Invert screen colors

We all know that looking at bright screens before sleep can wreak havoc on our sleep patterns. If you want to make your Android device a little more readable at night then this cool feature can help you out. Just navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Negative colors. This way you can make your smartphone a lot trippier. In case you want the settings to go to the previous state then just turn off the Color Inversion from the Accessibility settings.

Use your Android as a TV remote

Some Android phones come with infrared blasters that allow you to use your smartphones as a TV remote control. Even if your device does not feature it, you can still use it as a TV remote with the help of various third-party apps. With the infrared blaster powered smartphones, you can control many things, especially one that works with infrared signals like blinders, set top boxes, thermostats, etc.

Encrypt your Android data

Android allows you to take your smartphone security step further by encrypting your data. This not only protects your data but passwords as well. To get started just go to Settings > Security and then tap on the Encrypt Device option. Your device will now ask you to create a PIN. Just follow the instructions and encrypt all your data.

Access tabs opened on other devices

Android offers an ability to access all the Chrome tabs that are even open on other devices. As long as you’re signed into Chrome on your Android, your recently opened tabs from any device on Google Chrome will be available. To get started simply tap on the Other Devices option from Android Menu or when you launch a new tab on Chrome you’ll find the Recent tabs option. Just tap this option to check the links that are open on your other signed-in devices.

Create custom vibrations for your specific contacts

Interested to know whether the incoming call is from someone important or from someone else while your Android device is in your pocket or wallet? Android allows you to create custom vibrations for particular contacts. Just select the Vibration Pattern option by tapping on a contact name, then select Default > Preset Pattern option. This way you’ll never miss any important call.

Sometimes, you are attending so important meetings that you even turn off the vibrations. In that case, LED notifications can help you out. This way you’ll at least get to know that someone is trying to contact you. You can set LED notifications for a specific contact by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Flash notifications.

Play the hidden game

Android phones also feature a hidden game. To play the game, just go to Settings > About Phone > Software info and then tap repeatedly on the Android version of your smartphone. Soon you will find a popup on your screen. Tap the circle and let it change. Now tap again on the version image in the center. Long press the circle to launch the game. You can now play the hidden game that is all about navigating your little Android through various obstacles.

Display your contact info on your Android’s lock screen

Accidents happen, right? In such cases, it’s always better to make your information available to others. You can allow your Android to display your personal information on the lock screen. To set the feature simply go to Settings > Security > Show owner info on the lock screen and then type the info you want to be visible to anyone who sees your phone.

This is just a bit of the behemoth! There are a plethora of other cool things your Android can do. You can use your Android as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allow it to schedule reminders for yourself, use it as a compass to measure distance and speed, take screenshots, or do a lot more.


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