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10 Tips and tricks for shopping on eBay - eBay Shopping made easy

Updated on April 10, 2015

If you are on a shoe string-budget and want to buy something at the best price possible, this article could be of interest to you.

For some, winning an eBay auction is an obsession while others might like to go for emotional bidding at the last moment and end up spending more money than actually required . eBay‘s thrill lies in finding great deals and outbidding competition. To be successful, you need to dig deeper into bag tricks used by the bidding enthusiasts.

To win the auction on eBay, you need to do more than just watch the auction. These buying tips may help you get a better deal for yourself and save some precious bucks.

1. E-Bay Search Tool

Many sellers post very little description of the product and end up getting fewer bids than they should have. You can take advantage of this to bid low. Search something like this: (mobile, smartphone, cellphone). Putting a parenthesis around keywords can pull up more listings than you thought.


2. Spell Mistake Spotters

It’s not justified to expect the seller to spell every word correctly. After all, not every seller is a native English speaker and even native English speakers do not get the spellings right at times for some words.You do not have to be an English teacher to become a seller.

Some people even mistype their entries, attracting fewer bids, since people cannot reach them. This could also be a difference of US and UK English.

Although, eBay’s search engine doesn't care to pull similar words, there are many other specialist sites taking advantage of this. Try out these:

a) TypoDealz

b) TypoBay

c) Bargain Checker

What is your preferred method of buying online?

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3. 'Just Like That' Items

Many a time, sellers don’t have an idea how much they can get for an item and they don’t know how to list the items to get maximum bids. This gives the buyers an edge. BayCrazy offers such unwanted products that you can get for a very low price.


4. Bag Zero Bid Items

Some smart sellers start their bidding@99p in the hope of good number of bids. As a result many items, remain undiscovered at such a low price. There are sites to help you find such items. Lastminute Auction and Zero Bids, to name a few can help you find such items.

One important note here: Some sellers try to recover the gap in prices through delivery charges. Make sure you check the delivery charges before going any further.


5. Auction Winning Trick

Instead of using the traditional bidding, try this one out. Swoop in the last 15 seconds before the deadline and be a star bidder. This leaves no time for your competitors to fight back. There are sites that can automatically do this for you. You need to simply sign up with them, enter the item details and the maximum price you want to pay and they will bid for you in the last few seconds.

You may check out Goof Bid. Though, I would not recommend such sites as there are security concerns with such third party sites, because you are sharing your eBay account details with them.

6. Seller Feedback

Do your homework before buying the item. Is the item over described? What is the return policy?

A high feedback rating does not ensure genuineness. Do check the reviews, especially the neutrals and negatives. This will give you a fair idea of the problems faced by buyers with product itself or the seller.

Avoid sellers having warning signs like Private Auctions, Private Feedback or Short Auctions. These signs usually suggest that seller has something to hide.

7. Negotiation

Asking for discount never hurts and could save you some much needed money. Start the conversation by asking about the product and its features. Be courteous and polite. You must work on building a rapport with the seller first and than talk about the discount. This will take you forward with the deal and if the seller develops a liking for you, he or she may actually give you the product at a far lower price than you expected. Contact the seller via private message and not the listing page.


8. Local Buying

Sort by distance. If you are a local buyer of a particular product, you can save a lot on shipping charges. Try to choose the closest seller in case you are planning to buy a large item.

In many cases, especially for bigger ticket items, sellers list them for local pick-up only. With such listings, you can grab some fabulous deals.

9. Buy It Now

This feature on eBay lets you buy the product instantly before anyone bidding on it. Use this option only if you have done thorough research and know that the item is worth the price. Remember, it has been there for long and nobody has snatched it yet. The option takes the stress out of the bidding process. Sometimes, mailing the seller with an offer if they can reduce the price can be a good idea.

10. Saved Search

Looking for something hard to find? eBay will mail you every time the desired product is listed. You need to simply save the searched item you are looking for. It will email a link to the auction at the instant it hits the result. You can turn off these alerts any time you like, if you are getting irked with the alerts. The whole process of buying has become very complex and you should know and be aware of the tricks and tools of the market to get the best deal.

In case you are not too fond of eBay, there are other websites too that you may turn to and might stumble upon something much better and economical.


Do you have any trick that helped you? Share with us in comments, would love to add in my article.

Written By Atul Dahiya


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