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10 great tips on how to extend battery life on Smartphone

Updated on March 21, 2013


Smartphone nowadays is not that too expensive to buy where everyone can afford to own a single unit or two or more. As years passed, smartphone technology is becoming more advanced in terms of its features and functionalities especially when the two giant phone maker Apple and Samsung competes head to head. These phones are now loaded with tons of capabilities unlike before when it was first introduced in the market.

However, as a user, we must know also what are the effects of these advancements in relation to its battery life. In truth, as your phone increases its features, its battery life decreases. Do you agree with me? So what’s the use of your phone if you don’t have any battery at all? The answer is simple, it’s useless.

Battery life is affected by many factors. So, here are some 10 great tips on how to extend battery life on smartphone:

1. Don’t set your phone into “Vibration Mode”

Use ringtone instead of using vibration. But never set it to its highest volume as it consumes extra energy too. When your phone is muted, don’t set into vibration mode as it consumes a lot of your battery charge. Vibration is beneficial in some other ways but when you are in travel never set it else it will be drained faster. And the worst thing you should not do, don’t use ringtone (in its loudest form) and vibration at the same time as it will deplete your battery faster.

2. Turn off Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, 3G, NFC

These technologies are really helpful to users since its first introduction. I myself used GPS when traveling with my wife especially when we are not familiar with a place where we go just like when we visited Singapore late last year. However, continuous usage of it drains your battery life. Once these technologies are open, it continuously searches for wireless signals. In short, in consumes power. Thus it ruins your battery charge as it automatically scans for networks. When not in use of these, turn it off.

3. Close applications running in background

Users usually play games on their smartphone. Once they are done, they normally hit the home button forgetting to close the app. Unknown to them; this app continuously runs in background where it consumes RAM and your battery life. With iPhone, for example, double-tap the Home button and you’ll see open apps at the bottom of the screen. And for Samsung users, just long press the home button and it will display all apps currently running. So, always close the apps after using them or employ a task manager for taking care of it.

4. Set screen brightness automatically

Turn down the brightness of your screen. As we see, phones are designed with bigger screen to employ more detailed images. Having a larger screen needs more power to make it brilliant and sharper screen which in effect, it is a battery drainer. In order to extend your android battery life, change your phone setting by adjusting its brightness automatically. It will not only help you lengthen your battery life, but also save your eyes from strain. Finally, set your screen to turn off after a minute of idle.

5.Always perform software updates

Time to time, phone makers always release software updates to their products as they try to improve power management. Once available, connect to your WIFI and download it and update your phones OS with the latest release. It will tend to improve power consumption.

6. Avoid overcharging your phone

Overcharging can damage your phone’s battery life. Never charge at night when you go to sleep. As you think it will be fully charged, but in reality, it will die faster after charging. When fully charge, be sure to unplug it immediately. As a side note, there are cases too that overcharging of phone causes fire especially of those class A batteries sold along the streets. Beware of those.

7. Animation is good but not to battery’s life

It is true that animation in your phone like those wallpapers in your screen and widgets creates pleasant to your eyes. However, take note that these animations consume additional power. So avoid using it and just set your phone into plain screen with simple wallpapers and screensavers without too much animation on it to lengthen your phone’s battery life.

8. Lock it or Turn it off

Do you expect a call at night when you are sleeping? If not, its better to turn off your phone. But if you do, lock your smartphone to shun from accidental calling someone in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. You will just get embarrassed the next morning.

9. Minimize auto-synchronization

Phone makers leave everything enabled by default. If you don’t change your setting upon purchase, it will consume significant amount of your battery life. This is very convenient if a user has many applications that require immediate updates in a regular basis such as social apps or e-mail. However, auto-sync drains energy as well, just like WIFI connection. If there are no updates needed I suggest deactivating auto-synching. Social apps and e-mail have their own settings for synching which can be changed anytime you need it.

10. Always check reviews

Extending battery life on android tests are conducted by several companies. Just check the net which is the nearest to your area. Unsurprisingly, even on the same network, the results vary widely between handsets. When choosing a phone, always do a research first. Check product reviews of that particular handset. You can't go by what the manufacturer says as what we always expect are positive comments.


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