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7 most useful browser extensions for Facebook

Updated on May 29, 2012

Facebook is now connecting more than 900 million people worldwide and has a lot of features. It is possible to connect to your friends via chat, pictures, statuses, video, games etc.

But Facebook still lack some functions. There are many ways to make your Facebook experience smoother, easier and more accessible.

Below is a list and description of some of the most useful extensions for Facebook.

Please note that the following extensions are for Google Chrome exclusively. Some of them might also exist for Safari and Firefox, but I strongly suggest that you use Google Chrome for such purposes.

1. Facebook Notifications

This extension lets you access your Facebook notifications even when not on Facebook!

When you have this thing installed, a little icon will be visible at the top right of your browser window, and will show, when you have any new notifications.

If you are a Facebook addict, but don't want to waste all your time surfing around on Facebook waiting for notifications to pop up, this is an essential tool.

2. Facebook Smooth Corners

This extension is one of my favourite and yet one of the simplest.

It simply makes every corner of Facebook rounded, so it looks much smoother. As most frequent web users know, a great layout means everything when considering which pages to use. Facebook lacks some design features, and Facebook Smooth Corners makes my day just a little better because the website I use the very most looks so much better.

Facebook Smooth Corners is also available in an 'Ultimate' edition, which doesn't only make Facebook's corners smooth on Facebook, but on every single page you visit.

3. Facebook for Chrome

What if you could access all of Facebook from a pop-up window instead of having to going to the actual site?

Well now you can! With 'Facebook for Chrome', Facebook is so much easier to acces. If you're wondering what your friends are doing, but don't want to go into everything happening on the whole big Facebook page, just click the little icon, and you'll be up to date in seconds!

4. FB 'Poke All' Button

This extension simply lets you poke everyone who has poked you with one click.

If you use the 'poke' feature often, this is an essential tool. It makes it a lot more fun to have 'poke wars' with your friends. Just install the extension and watch your friends tear their hair out losing the poke wars.

An alternative to this extension is the FB Auto-poker, which pokes back automatically.

5. FB Photo Zoom

This is by far the most popular Chrome extension for Facebook.

This is a simple one, too: When you hover your mouse over any photo on Facebook, it creates a larger version of the picture just beside it in literally no time, so that you won't have to click on every single photo and/or link to it in full size.

It works perfectly and once you have it, you won't stop using it.

6. Facebook Share Button

This extension is a fast and simple way to share the currently viewed page on Facebook. Also displays the Official FB Share Count for every web page.

7. FB Encrypter

This extension makes sure data sent over Facebook is encrypted.

Many people are being monitored by their Internet Service Providers or hackers. This extension ensures that you will not be monitored!

Last notes

I have looked through (and tested) most of the Facebook extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, and these seem to be the best ones by far.

You should also note that I am in no way being paid for this. Just thought it might be helpful information.


Which one do you think is the most useful?

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How many of these extensions have you installed (or are you going to install)?

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    • profile image

      Johan Andersen 5 years ago

      Nice list. I actually used some of them already.