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10 Things I love about my HTC One

Updated on November 27, 2013

Drooling over the ONE!

I've had my HTC One for three months now. I drooled from the time I saw the first advertisement up until the moment it was placed in my hands. Sometimes, I still drool but, I try not to talk about it. Consider yourself special. Either way, this lens is not a hardcore specs and performance review of an HTC One, but rather the reasons that I love MY HTC One. Also you may notice that some of these points are also Android based, and not solely HTC.

As the name implies, the HTC One, is the One for me. We're soul mates. Enjoy!

Sound: I adore the speakers on the One because they are reasonably loud and they sound great. They won't replace a speaker system, but I find it really convenient when I'm in the car, cleaning up the bathroom, or taking a jog. Especially since the speakers are on the front, so the sound won't be muffled by placing it on a desk. My favorite thing about the sound is the beats audio! I have some Beats Solo HD headphones. I kid you not, you can tell the difference when beats audio is off and on. Music sounds great with it on! This can be found at the most left home screen.

Unibody: Its been the source of much uproar and complaints because the HTC One has a unibody. This means of course, if something goes wrong, you can't open your phone. However, this was not a deal breaker for me. This is my second HTC phone. I previously owned an HTC Vivid, and I found it extremely durable and well made. I feel the same for this. If you take care of your phone, this will not be an issue. So buy a case. At the end of the day, I know this is a well made and durable product so I view the Unibody look as very sexy and classy as most HTC phones look.

Blinkfeed: Not going to lie, as a college student with a job, I rarely take time to look at the news. Blink feed allows me to get little snippets of news in just a few minutes so that I'm informed of things happening around me. If I want to read more, in just one click I can read the article. Just 5 monthes ago, I depended on my mother for world news, now I can depend on myself. Plus, its not all hardcore news, you can see the latest trends in technology, the media, and celebrity gossip because the feed lets you choose what kind of news you want to see. If you want the AP, you got it. If you only want the latest on Kim Kardashian, got that too!

Google Now: For the first couple of months, I pretty much ignored Google Now. I thought the idea of it was nifty but I'm becoming a true believer. When you hold down the home button Google Now voice activated search or phone commands appear, traffic information for your daily drive, the weather for the week, trending events, stocks, scores for your favorite teams, nearby events and more. Plus this functions with your google account. So searches and trends between the laptop, tablet and phone is shared. Plus a running joke between my iPhone loving friend and I is, "is Siri or Google Now" better. I wish I had a screen shot of it, but Google has better search results every time. If you ever get an One, open it and say "Okay Google" and see what happens.

Display: I love the display of HTCs because they are crisp and defined. The colors are clear and vivid. I prefer the look of HTC's over Samsung Galaxies. The graphics look more crisp and professional to me. For me, the look of the phone is of more importance to me, because when all the nifty features get old, I'll still be enamored by the beauty of it.

Camera: Yes, I'm a young adult, and I am consumed in the popular fad called a "selfie." I take selfies ALL THE TIME. So, let me tell you, that the HTC One has an amazing front facing camera. I actually have people ask me if I take my selfies with the back facing camera. Its that clear. Also the back camera is great. There is also a program on the phone which automatically edits your photo for clarity and color. The "Zoe" feature is great, because it allows you to take a video which you can take photos from. No fear fellow young adults. Never miss another jumping photo with your girls on the beach.

Technicalities: I'm not a techie. I don't understand benchmarks and what they mean. I just know that I rarely have large issues with my phone. Yes, it freezes and spazzes out sometimes. However, I use my phone almost all day and I run it hard. As we speak, I have a couple of apps running: Spotify is playing music, texting my mom, uploading a photo to Instagram, checking my Etsy shop, searching the nominees for the AMAs Icon, and playing candy crush. Really, it handles a lot and is really good at multitasking. I can usually get through the work day with one battery charge. If you don't use your phone as much as I do, you should never have any issues.

Organization: A new addition to the version of android on the phone is folders. So now, not only do the home screens have folders but the menu does as well. It helps to be able to have a social media folder, a financial folder, and a just for fun folder. Also, there is an option to hide those preloaded apps from your menu. How awesome is that.

HTC Apps: The new versions of HTC have more seamlessly integrated their apps with the android interface. In the past it had its own application, HTC Sense, running on top of the operating system. Useful HTC Apps include, Blinkfeed, the weather apps and widgets, the time apps, the unlock screen customization, widgets such as the calculator, the gallery timeline, and beats audio.

Updates: My phone carrier is AT&T. Both AT&T and HTC are usually great about bringing out the new android updates. When I had my HTC Vivid, it was one of the first to support Ice cream sandwich on the device, although an update was not necessary since the phone had come out months earlier. I expect the same treatment, as the HTC One should be receiving the KitKat update, as well as an update for HTC Apps.

Things I don't love about my HTC One:

Every good review has some complaints:

1. Its a data guzzler. If you use WiFi at home and monitor app consumption you'll be okay.

2. At night, the back camera over compensates and gives photos a purple hue.

3. The phone doesn't save app associates easily. Meaning, it will continuously ask which browser you would like to open the link in, ect.

3. I would like the option to change the theme of the phone. Past HTC phones have allowed the customization of interface colors.

4. The screen is ultra sensitive. Its easy to butt dial people, so make sure you turn the screen off.

5. I wish there was a physical camera button. Most phones don't come with that anymore.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading. Please don't forget to let me know what you think below. My opinion means just as much as yours.!

— Mercedes

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    • DorkablyDesigned profile image

      DorkablyDesigned 4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thank you so much Ms. Susan! :)

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Great review!