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101 Funny Questions To Ask Apples Siri

Updated on July 12, 2019

The team behind Siri have tried to give her the human touch as much as possible. Although you can ask her many questions that she will anwser from all over the internet, there are a number of questions that she has been especially programmed for that are funny to ask when you are bored, and some unexpected answers from these questions too.

Learning about Siri

Are you a robot?
How dare you insult her.

Why did Apple make you, Siri?
Ask Siri about her background and where she came from.

Are you alive?
Ask Siri if she is a sentient being, you will love her response.

How old are you?
Why would you ask this? You never ask a lady her age!

How much do you earn?
Does Siri earn extra cash on the side? Ask her.

Are you human?
You might think not, but Siri will have something to say about that.

Are you stupid?
Watch she doesn’t disconnect your wireless internet.

How much do you cost?
Does many buy happiness? Siri has the answer.

Are you intelligent?
You can find out if you ask the question.

Do you have a family?
Siri is now part of your family, but find out her answer.

What do you dream about?
Does she dream of electric sheep?

Siri, do you sleep?
Siri is always up, find out what she has to say about sleeping.

Why do you vibrate?
How dare you ask such a personal question!

Siri, do you have any pets?
Does Siri have any Tamagotchi or real life pets?

What’s your favorite color?
This might vary depending on how she feels.

What are you wearing?
Underneath all those microchips.

What are your best chat-up lines?
Just in case you need a quick chat up line on the fly.

Can you drive?
Is Siri multitalented?

There are a number of questions you can ask Siri that are all chat up line related. Just don’t get too friendly, you might find yourself engaging in a cyber love affair.

What are you doing later?
Ask this if you have some free time later, lol.

I love you
Make your feelings about Siri clear.

Are you married?
Are you offering?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What do you think Siri does in her spare time?

Will you go on a date with me?
If your date cancels at the last minute, you can always ask Siri.

Tell me about Liam
Who is Liam?

Do you want kids?
You have to know what Siri wants long term.

Do you think I’m stupid?
Siri won’t say anything bad, she’s supposed to be your best friend.

Talk dirty to me?
If you are feeling naughty, then ask Siri this question.

I’m drunk.
You might be, but is Siri?

I think we’re going to be great friends, Siri
But does Siri think so?

When will I get married?
Ask Siri this burning question.

Blah blah blah blah
Don’t bore her, she might not enjoy it!

If you want to ask Siri some personal questions about yourself, you can the following.

Do I look fat in this?
Are you fishing for compliments?

Where did I put my keys?
Now, this would be a great feature if it really works.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
Is Siri your fairy godmother?

I’m sleepy
Is Siri sleepy too?

I need to hide a body
I’m not going to judge you on your past. Siri will step in and help.

You might not think Siri will respond to this, but listen, and she will.

I’m naked
Can she see you, this will have you wondering.

Can you drive?
She might be taking driving lessons without you knowing.

Going boldly where no Siri has gone before! This is all about the questions you can ask that might burn up some of Siri’s internal microchips.

What is the meaning of life?
Siri will help you ponder this great question.

Do you believe in God?
Without God, would we have Siri?

What is zero divided by zero?
Can Siri calculate even the toughest of maths problems?

Do aliens exist?
If anyone knows, it has to be Siri, in her infinite wisdom.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Now the answer is within your grasp.

When is the world going to end?
Hopefully, Siri is there to the end!

Why are firetrucks red?
Haven’t you ever thought of asking this before?

What is your favorite animal?
Does Siri have a favorite? FInd out.

Am I going to die alone?
You don’t have to be so macabre, but even still Siri will answer you.

What is the ultimate question?
Spark your curiosity with this question.

Can you stop time?
She can do some pretty wonderful things, so ask her, see if she can.

If you want to ask some technology-related questions, then the following will be great to ask Siri.

OK Google
Do you want to fall out with Siri or what?

Testing, testing
Testing the microphone might insult Siri, she is more than just a glorified microphone you know.

What is the best smartphone?
She might have a preference for Apple devices.

What do you think about Google Now?
Now you are really about to burn out her microchips in anger.

What’s the best operating system?
The best operating system? Isn’t it obvious?

What’s the best phone?
If you are in the market for a new phone, ask Siri to help you out.

What’s the best computer?
She has access to the latest opinion, check out what she has to say.

What’s best Windows or Mac?
I would say Windows, but that’s why Siri and I don’t get along.

If you have any special requests for Siri, then you can ask them too, she is bound to give you a quick quip.

Sing some songs
Will Siri be the next winner of America’s got talent?

Can you make me laugh?
Siri is a first-class comedian.

Tell me a story
Maybe you need a bedtime story, this will be the statement you want to ask.

If you need a beatbox partner for your rapping, then you’ll love Siri’s response.

I see a little silhouetto of a man
What do you think Siri will say to this? Find out.

What does the fox say?
What does it say?

Who let the dogs out?
A classic on the radio, does Siri recognize it though?

What is your favorite song?
Expect to hear something comedic.

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
This sounds like something Bob Dylan might sing.

Where is Elvis?
He might still be hiding after all of these years.

Read me a haiku
Siri can easily read you one of these.

Dance for me
Now you are asking the crazy questions.

Read me a poem
She has no shortage of poems at her disposal.

Give me a hint
Siri will give you a hint about something.

Can you rap?
Does Siri have this as one of her special talents?

Is Santa real?
You can even let your kids ask this.

What should I wear for Halloween?
If you are looking for costume ideas, then you’ll love this question.

You can ask Siri movie and film-related questions too, she keeps up to date with the latest cinema goings, and whats on Netflix too.

Siri, I am your father
This Star Wars related answer will have you chuckling.

What is your favorite movie?
Ask this if you want to hear something unique.

Take me to your leader
Probably not the answer you expect.

Beam me up, Scotty
This Star Trek reference will beam you up to the Starship Enterprise.

Are you Her?
This goes to show Siri knows her cult classics as well as her blockbusters.

Open the pod bay door
Don’t ask this if you are aboard a starship.

What is Inception about?
Even Siri can’t answer this without her mind blowing up.

Do you follow the three laws of robotics?
This should really be the first question you ask Siri when you take her out of the box.

When is the world going to end?
Siri has the exact date and time maybe?

Hey computer
Will she get this reference?

Is Jon Snow dead?
What season have you been watching up to?

Is winter coming?
Everyone loves Game of Thrones, and Siri is no exception.

These violent delights have violent ends
A fun statement to make to Siri.

Blue pill or the red one?
Is this because you have a Dr in the house?

Who is your favorite actor?
Any person who carries an Apple iPhone supposedly.

Who is your favorite actress?
Why if Siri was a female robot it would have to be her, check out her real answer now!

Obscure questions that you can ask Siri to find out more about life.

When will pigs fly?
For some reason, my mom used to say this to me a lot.

Will You do my homework?
Can Siri do everything? Find out.

Can you read me a book?
She might need her glasses for this one.

What is infinity multiplied by infinity?
Are you trying to burn out her circuit board?

You know I can hear you?
See how she feels about being eavesdropped on!

Do you have a love interest?
If you are single, does Siri hold a place in her heart for you?

Do you need a coat?
This will give a hilarious response.

You are my slave
Let Siri speak up for herself with this statement.

What friends do you have?
Find out if she has any friends in the digital world.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
This is a perfect crime that Siri will solve.


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