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10 Terrific Ideas for Blog Posts

Updated on December 21, 2017
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It is wonderful to investigate, gain knowledge and know how before making major decisions in life. Knowledge is power.

Get both mind and body prepared. Create an atmosphere to make creative writing easier.

There is a road to success. It is long, difficult and sometimes frustrating. Writing looks easy, but this is a misnomer.  There are more than a few extremely lucrative ones around the web built from ordinary people.
There is a road to success. It is long, difficult and sometimes frustrating. Writing looks easy, but this is a misnomer. There are more than a few extremely lucrative ones around the web built from ordinary people.

It just looks easy.....

The best folks in the industry make it seem effortless. Even terrific ones with tons of wonderful ideas or great concepts are not always on track for a positive outcome. The subjects are not guaranteed to be what readers want or like. Discovering what works best for blog articles is not an exact science.

How to tell if everything is okay

There is a way to tell if things are moving in the right direction. Readers reacting positive to articles posted is what matters most. There is more than a single answer. Comments left by visitors, page views and other forms of analytic data are a wonderful tools for measuring.

Nearly all successful bloggers begin an acceptable standard by finding the correct niche for a good fit. This is the first step in forming the right recipe for what ideas to use for a blog. Take a point of interest with a personal appeal and build around it.

Regardless of the detailed material on articles or wonderful pics, a writer interested and enjoying the subject matter makes a difference. This seems to be a hurdle in itself for some folks. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

What subject matter works best

Being spot on in to this issue is something any blogger would love to know. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Although, there are certainly ways to understand and measure how close posts are to perfection.

Use analytical data, comments left by visitors and other forms of personal feedback whenever possible. When all else fails, fall on the go to concepts which seem to never fail. These are excellent things to blog about for newbies and novices alike.

These are tools and tips to use for blog posts for nearly any niche;

1. Write a review of a product or service in a niche

This is a wonderful concept for bloggers. There are a number of new products and services coming on the market any given day and even thousands more archived in stores, online and on store shelves to choose from. Running out of ideas is not an option with so many picks available.

How about an old product with update?

Write a review for something innovative or even an old product with a new look or feel. A wonderful example is the washing powder soap Tide. It has been around for eons, but over the last several years they have made updates to the original.There is the free and fresh variety which has no added dyes or additives. There are types which have added fabric softner while another the odor agent Febreeze. All of these are the same old retail merchandise which as been altered and readers appreciate finding out what kinds of changes were made to a product they use and enjoy.

New technology

Technology continues to develop wonderful tools and devices for every niche and will certainly follow this track for many more years to come. This means a playing field of enormous variety and an abundance of items to go for. This also puts in front of writers article material which is potentially unlimited.

One of the best things about this class of posts is lots of readers want to know about new things in the marketplace in this field and possible services. Meaning the faster the info is online the more readers these particular posts receive.

2. Debunk a myth

Readers enjoy absorbing these kinds of posts. There is as much information as there is misinformation on the web for every industry, product or service. Setting the record straight on these is really a full time job.

Staying within a niche where a writer finds expertise or education make crafting the material easier and makes relaying it sound more authoritative. Though, related ones make for back linking opportunities.

Make an entire series from one

Debunking a myth and taking a stance is good for multiple blog posts. Countless are turned into a great series of posts. Supporting a viewpoint with examples and information make for a terrific and interesting read. \

Some of the best come from agreeing with the minority instead of the majority of authors around the web on a subject.

3. Comments help a writer create material and subject matter

A number of readers leave a comment which includes questions or a statement in a way a writer profits from the response. A view or opinion given by a member of the audience which is intricate or allows for elaboration in the form of a new article or post is ideal and makes for an easy blog idea.

Answer the reader's question

Answer a question found in a reader's comment from a previous post. If one reader is asking, chances are more members of an audience have the same question. This means an interest in the matter is already waiting for you to write about.

4. Saving money is always a positive subject to discuss

Everyone enjoys saving money. Design a post for your blog showing readers how to save money in a specific niche. Research your information and details around saving dollars and cents.

Something a little different to the typical savings blog post

Follow up with an offshoot to the savings article or a new twist. Even a follow up article pointing out what to do with the savings realized or showing a strategy for making it happen over a week, year or month. Some have even detailed how to save $10 dollars in one day. Amazingly there is an audience with an interest in savings on a daily basis as well as the popular yearly attitude toward putting more money in the bank.

5. Trending and technology in your area of expertise

The newest up and coming products and services in any area of expertise are always numerous and remarkable for content. Even consider creating a post on a form or kind of technology that hasn’t been released out to the industry but is being considered for the future. Readers enjoy feeling they have found an inside track to new things happening in their niche.

6. Newbie posts are appreciated

Newbies are capable of growing a blog audience tremendously. New people attempting to show an interest in your niche will pay you a visit. They become engaged in what these posts offer if capable of understanding terms they are not familiar with. Write geared toward them every once in a while.

Never assume everyone simply "knows"

Some visitors surfing the web as novices appreciate a person detailing info other bloggers assume everyone already knows. Snatch these new readers up as soon as possible. Don’t forget the newbies to increase an audience whenever the opportunity presents.

Everyone has a first day at a job or a learning period. Help is there when needed. This is why search engines exist to connect those folks who have a question with the answer, no matter how simple it seems.

Reminders are needed for everyone in some circumstances

Those old standby readers also need reminders now and then about certain items and subjects. There are housekeeping memos along with other wake up and smell the coffee things to expound on.

Writing from an inexperienced point of view helps more than one type of readers. The easier the terms the less confusion for everyone. This is a category which thrives and does very well. Keeping it simple and to the point.

A wonderful example is how Google works to provide analytic material. What is the importance of it and how to take advantage of freebies like these.

When changes are made and updates are needed walk a person through the process. Are blog requirements up to date? Is the android app working okay? An abundance of material is there to mess around with and discover a diamond in the rough.

Writers block is an infection countless bloggers face everyday. Avoid letting it destroy a good thing.

When the brain is working overtime and thoughts are flying all around, jot down notes for future articles.
When the brain is working overtime and thoughts are flying all around, jot down notes for future articles. | Source

What newbie posting does for a blogger

There are still great ideas to be had. When feeling in a slump or having a brain dead moment, never let up. Keep at it.

One excellent source is newbie posts.

A lot of professionals in the field have come to identify newbie posts as an article any veteran in the niche gains nothing from reading. This is not true. Any invested writer skipping out on reading these is possibly of missing out on some great stuff.

The idea is to share info or expertise in the field. There are articles and material all around the niche crafted by terrific writers who happen to have less experience than some, but possible more than most. Everyone is bringing something to the table.

After a couple of months or years inside of a subject matter makes us forget the basics. There are times when the paragraphs or Amazon Products are not formatted for the best attention. A new person to the niche writes an article discussing the pros and cons of putting what info where according to the latest research or analytic.

An old dog is capable of leaning new tricks. Peruse a couple of these articles to become mildly surprised as what is gained from an new blogger.

7. Benefits or advantageous posts about an item

Posts revealing benefits gained in a owning a product or service is a popular article. Not only for the writer and reader, but there is a possibility of a client or other professional searching for a review.

Countless customers like to hear about an item before investing monies in it. A positive review is a nice way to learn a great deal about an item in the marketplace.

Another wonderful outcome is the opportunity to try a hand at marketing. This is what takes place when a writer is setting up a sale via articles or posts. The product or service is advertised via a blog post. There are more than a few companies around the web which pay handsomely to use the space on a blog in a particular niche to advertise.

Small companies and business owners will even go directly to the blog owner to ask for rental of a space on the blog for a specified amount of time to place marketing materials or advertisements..

Depending on the category it is even possible to itemize the pros versus cons for an individual sub-group within another group. There are countless ways to go with this one.

Readers admit these are an enormous aid in decision making circumstances. For the ones on the fence, it pushes one way or another..

These are generally "list" posts. These are extremely popular if not the most popular ones on the web today. The content is easy to create and read while remaining informative and educational.

8. Advantages and disadvantages combined in the same list

A great written piece of content combines both advantages and disadvantages (pluses and minuses) of a product or service in one piece of work. Instead of giving up two articles, make both into one.

The good and bad news of anything is a wonderful start. A number of people take is one step forward and make the piece slanted toward bias. It is a personal opinion of something personally owned or tried.

Use an example or resource which works out well looking into an industry overall. There is a positive and negative side to everything. This is true of nearly any material posted. This means one idea is worth two. Sometimes even more are possible.

Create a top ten list of examples of disadvantages (a spin off) as another article in a series. The pros and cons is two. Detail out each one with an expansion, or a blog post.

8. Take the top ten article format and put on a new twist

One of the great things about owning a blog is writing has the option of becoming personal. This means the typical output of material which is not opinionated is not absolutely necessary with a personal blog. Get personal whenever the feeling strikes.

For instance, craft a top ten article of why Medicare is a great program ( or bad one) here is America. There are all sorts of statistical data available for citing. Tons of facts to use for detailed research, but turn the tables toward the personal viewpoint for an article.

Whether pro or con, allow the reader to see it from a bias perspective full of documented info to back it up. There is even a niche for folks who do this on a permanent posting basis.

Writers have a tendency to gain a better sense of the profession and get a higher comfort level when building these types of work. When considering names for certain articles which fit this type of post, consider both sides of the coin. This makes creating, getting a title and or writing a related piece of material so much easier. This works for both a product or service reviews as well..

Remember a cute or artsy name is great, but is the reader able to enter something which makes sense and is related to the material. This is the final goal.

9. Simplifying a complex process inside of a specific niche

More experienced writers will not find this difficult. Even a newbie learning a new process sometimes find these have a way of becoming a terrific read and insight to learn.When deciding on which niche to join, research is always necessary. Questions arise along the way and this answers most if not all of them.

Imagine simplifying a difficult process or explaining details to someone needing more info? Easy going folks used to giving directions or teaching are comfortable with this format. Surprisingly, these are some of the best earners for passive writing income.

Imagine even more coming from this venture. Put together posts to form a manual for training or other circumstance. Back links into this sort of detail for another article also gains more readers than the average post. Other articles focused on more complex material along the same line tend to reach out for these.

10. Revamp an older post

A writer who has been around for a while, is loaded down with an abundance of free posts no further than the fingertips.There are more than a few different ways to go on this venture. Staying within the same niche is a given, but making an old post into something new takes a little work and imagination in most cases.

Expand a previous list article

If you have previous posts with a list of pros and cons, write a new one extending that list. Instead of leaving it at the top 5 stretch it out to 10 or even 20. How about a previous post that needs a follow up? For an example, the original one shared the latest iPhone disadvantages. The new one is out in the marketplace and a follow up with the same comparison is an excellent way to get the same readers typically wondering about getting a new one.

Make a pros to a con blog

Does one older posts need a cons article since the original focused solely on the pros? These are fast and easy to build since one viewpoint has already been detailed and the opposite seems to come to mind quickly according to those choosing these particular types of jobs.

Update aged material

Consider extending some older content into a series or reviewing it to find out what if any updates are relevant since initially posting it.

A personal site or blog is a treasure trove of content information. Take a look around and start writing some brilliant stuff!

In conclusion

Ideas are everywhere when it comes to blogging if an individual cares to look . Whether a personal platform for writing is owned or shared does not change the enormous amount of articles with the same byline. In other words, even if there are a variety of sites where work is posted, do not fret. The back links to blogs or articles are important and updates are still great for business.

In reality this job is virtually endless because it is possible to build ideas on top of ideas and more on top of these with ease. These are more than a few extremely simple ways to see this take place.

There are times when a concept for a new post is difficult. You are always searching for your next WOW article to go viral and believe it or not, it eventually comes. While waiting on that WOW post, getting unstuck from a dry spell or trying to discover a new topic in your niche to write about, try these techniques.

These fall into a variety of categories which include personal while others are spinoffs from other innovations, subject matter and content around the web. These ten best blogging ideas are wonderful places to begin a voyage to success.

If it aint broke dont fix it is not always a good thing. In fact, there are tons of items needing a make over at this very minute.

Thing about making a change to the status quo

Change comes to us all. There are the good times and the bad. Which ones are remembered most by us depends on the person. The same is said for bringing change to a niche.

New eyes on an old project never hurts. Simply because this is the way is has always been done, does not make it right.

Create a new way or better method

It only takes one remarkable idea or innovation to make this one work. When searching for a niche calling, there are ideas crossing the mind. Researching and asking ideas like why do we do this in a certain way and not another is where this is headed.

Making any daunting task uncomplicated or less trouble is what innovation is all about. This is why technology helps keep the world growing by leaps and bounds. Sharing the details effortlessly is wonderful for increasing income.

New technology is always a catch

Fresh tech is certainly one which comes to mind when with something plain and simple altered for the average "Joe" to understand. Placing the info in front of him is sometimes not enough. This is especially true when coming up with something new. Imagine explaining the concept of storing info in the cloud to 80 year old grandma.

Attempting to describe a piece of merchandise never seen or used before without a visual stimulation is a let down and impossible for a few. Millions of pages do just that. The have an unflattering tone and miss out on images such as audio, and visual which are more eye catching when looking for a reader.

Great writing is certainly a plus for these. One of the easiest is modernization of an older product or service or updating gadgets already in use. These are ideas in this classification. This blogs for technology, computer and other fast moving software and hardware do very well.

Simplify an old process.

For each niche there are methods followed by a number of people who personally wish for something easier. There has to be an easier way, but no one takes on the burden of seeing it take place.The need is there.

Even identifying one to simplify it for personal blog readers is a triumph. It is capable of solving an issue and sometimes starting a dialogue to change others for the better.

Keep details of a different way to do something very realistic and as straightforward as possible. Unless the writer is building science fiction keep everything in this world, with tools easily identified and within reach. If not on hand, a simple process to obtain them is wonderful.

Did you know writers are one of the biggest resources for problem solving? Composing solutions to countless ones are what published articles do everyday.

Wedding planning has become an overnight sensation. Brides are seeking out info to save money without losing anything related to the ceremony, honeymoon and oth

No matter what the concept of the overall blog, always represent it as a business venture. Remain professional at all times. An individual never knows who is reading the article. It could be the next customer.
No matter what the concept of the overall blog, always represent it as a business venture. Remain professional at all times. An individual never knows who is reading the article. It could be the next customer.

Bloggers using the Wordpress platform will discover some wonderful plugins to make any blog better. The improvement is for the bloggers time and the readers enj

Comments are a resource overlooked as a treasure trove of material

Successful blogging is an investment of hard work. Usually this is over a period of time and not an immediate return. A key component lots of writers utilize to become better at it is audience feedback.

Readers leave comments which include a pat on the back, a kick in the pants or simply questions. There are even those who share informative relevant info for other visitors.

A strategic move to increase the likelihood of success includes taking the time to read and absorb noteworthy ones. These are where to discover points of interest, subject matter and other resources worthy of writing about.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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