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My Review of 123Inkjets Re-manufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

Updated on January 26, 2011

Well Informed Consumers Save $ with Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

Visit Site: 123Inkjets

Introduction: I started filling my own printer ink cartridges more than 10 years ago for my old HP DeskJet printer. I bought a big bottle of black ink and used a needle to inject more ink into the sponge. At that time HP DeskJet cartridges were super easy to refill. And it was at the most a dollar in cost for me to do this. Fast forward to now. Ink cartridges are much harder to refill and it's messy... real messy.

But the price of ink has skyrocketed so I'm not about to purchase brand new cartridges from the manufacturer. That's just a crazy waste of money. So I tried a bunch of online re-manufacturers. And they are all pretty much the same. So I picked the one with the cheapest prices that delivered to me on quickly and that turned out to be these guys. Sure it's not the very best ink... none of the "compatible" inks are... but it does the job and nobody is going to ever question black ink on a letter are they? Nope!

The color cartridges I have tried as well, and they are okay for every day use, but if you really want your photographs to "Pop" you must buy the OEM cartridges and top quality printer paper for photographs.

So if you are looking for a place that makes decent compatible printer ink cartridges that won't break the bank then give these guys a try. Again it's not the best for color, but it's pretty good and the black ink is just fine. I pay $3.95 or less in bulk for the same black cartridges that are $13.95 at the local Office Max!

What do they do? A: Sell remanufactured Printer Ink and Toner Supplies

Have I used their products? A: Yes this is where I usually buy my replacement ink… here and Costco.

Quality of Products? A: Black Inks I have used for Canon and HP have been of the same quality as the Original Equipment Manufacturer own products. Color inks are about a 1/3rd the price of OEM cartridges work fine, they are not quite as vibrant. But I’d rather sacrifice a teeny bit of quality and save the money.

Who are they? A: 123Inkjets was founded in 1999. Our company was founded with one simple goal in mind: to provide the highest quality inkjet and toner cartridges at the lowest prices possible. We make our own inventory purchases, thus ensuring that we only purchase from the most reliable suppliers which are of the highest quality ink cartridges. We have facilities to handle 100% of our product fulfillment. Within the past 10 years we have sold more than 5 million ink cartridges. What does this mean to you? It means we know how to do the job quickly and efficiently ensuring you will receive high quality products with speedy delivery.

What do other customers have to say? A: Testimonials are sourced from the internet and include both good and bad experiences.

- I order from 123Inkjets because their products ALWAYS perform unlike some ink-jet cartridge products I've received from other websites. 123Inkjets also is incredibly quick with their delivery. I've recommended them to several of my friends!

- I have been a 123inkjets customer for about 9 years now and I love it, they always have my cartridges in stock. They ship fast and usually have a special running.

- My order arrived much quicker than I expected. Ordering was easy, and the ink color quality seems to be the same as if I purchased new ink cartridges from a retail store. Thankyou for your excellent pricing!

- I was very happy with the prices for ink cartridges on this site so I ordered a color and a B/W cartridge for my HP Photosmart 2610. After 5 uses the color cartridge just quit working and my printer no longer recognized it as a valid cartridge. I had to return it and get a refund. But the return was hassle-free and the cust service was very understanding.

- I have ordered from 123Inkjets several time over the past few years and have been very satisfied with both the product and the service every time.

Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer Ink Cartridges
Printer Ink Cartridges

Disclaimer:  I am an actual customer of 123Inkjets and I do use their products and I have been doing so for a couple of years and I am satisfied with their products and services.  You should note that I am compensated as well for my endorsement.


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